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How Significantly Will Volatility Go Up? [Video]
Stutland Volatility Group Managing Director Dan Deming discusses the Vix and investing in volatility with Julie Hyman on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.”

Fed rate hike seen in June 2015 as traders hedge against taper
Ann Saphir – Reuters
Traders boosted bets Thursday that the U.S. Federal Reserve will deliver its first rate hike in years by June 2015, as recent signs of an economic pickup nudge the central bank closer to easing off the monetary gas pedal.

How Dodd-Frank Shifted the Risk Instead of Burying It
Rob Garver – The Fiscal Times
When the Dodd-Frank financial reform act passed in 2010, it contained a number of provisions that many saw as no-brainers for a financial system that had just been brought to the brink of collapse by banks and other firms that were unable to determine the true value of securities on their books.

Videocast: Range-bound VIX play

Want a Chance at a CBOE Hat? Solve @PeterLusk Option’s Riddles Here!
Peter Lusk – CBOE
My walk to CBOE this morning included a wind chill temperature of -19 degrees. My people watching skills are useless with everybody so wrapped up. So as I passed all of these faceless people, I thought of an old game from grade school called “Who am I?”
So let me test your options knowledge with 3 questions. The first 5 “star students” who respond to me via Twitter @PeterLusk with the correct answers will receive an official CBOE hat. Question 3 has two acceptable answers but you only need to tell me one.
**That’ some pretty swank loot right there.  Near as I can tell the competition is still open as of 3:30p CST. -JB

Regulation and Enforcement

Analysis: SEC plans to take more cases to trial despite losses
Sarah N. Lynch and Aruna Viswanatha – Reuters
Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White says her team will not shy away from high-stakes trials, and not just strike settlements with wrongdoers, but a string of recent court setbacks shows she has her work cut out for her.
**If at first you don’t succeed… -JB

Brakes on High-Speed Futures Trades Would Do Harm, Industry Says
Matthew Leising – Bloomberg
Slowing down the U.S. futures market by requiring that offers to buy and sell remain available for a minimum amount of time would hurt investors by driving up their costs, an industry trade group told the nation’s main derivatives regulator.
**Well…how can you regulate HFT if you cannot even define what it is? (see next story) -JB

Regulators stumble on defining high-frequency trading
Anna Nicolaou – The Globe and Mail
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) asked for industry feedback on 124 questions about how to safeguard markets against computerized trading. The CFTC’s ‘concept release on automated trading,’ released Sept. 9, is the first comprehensive review of potential regulations for high-speed trading in U.S. derivatives markets.

Fed’s Evans Says CFTC Right to Reevaluate Computerized Trading
Silla Brush – Bloomberg
U.S. regulators should reevaluate whether markets have sufficient risk controls in place to oversee high-frequency trading, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans said.


Playing Out the Perfect December Pattern
Adam Warner – Schaeffer’s Investment Research
The only thing the market has to fear is lack of fear itself! Or, something like that.
If you believe that fear is a contra-tell, then an increase of fear is good news. Well, guess what, we have some good news via CNN.

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