JLN Profiles: Ralf Roth – Market Structure Matters

Spencer Doar

Spencer Doar


Ralf Roth got his start in 1994 at Deutsche Bank as a junior fixed income analyst. Starting at the bottom and working his way up, Roth occupied various roles in equities and prime broking before eventually becoming the global head of equity product development. He then left to be the global head of Elektron for Thomson Reuters, followed by a stint at IHS Markit as chief technology officer for equities. He is currently CEO of Quantitative Brokers.

In this John Lothian News Profile video, Roth touches on the transition to electronic trading in the late ’90s and how important micro structure is in the fixed income world. Roth says volatility creates opportunity in the markets, particularly in algorithmic execution. Although Roth is a proponent of technology, he says it needs to be mature to truly help businesses grow. 

Produced by Mike Forrester

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Food groups’ fight over wheat manipulation re-erupts

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