Dr. Jock Percy is CEO of Perseus Telecom, a global carrier of financial telecommunications specializing in ultra low-latency market-to-market connectivity. Before taking the helm at Perseus, Percy spent a number of years in the telecommunications sector, with firms such as Double Helix (sold to ACE*COMM in 2006), BT, Telekom Austria, Finnet, and Saudi Telecom. In 2009 he founded  FXecosystem, a provider of low-latency infrastructure to the foreign exchange market.

In other words, Percy fully appreciates the importance of pushing the boundaries of low-latency in the trading world, and the role of the modern telecommunications firm in delivering speedy data transmission. In 2012, Percy led the launch of Perseus’ QuanTA, a high-speed network that connects the markets of New York and London in less than 65 milliseconds round-trip-delay (RTD). This is the fastest network connection available in the market for both ultra-low latency as well as big data.

On June 5, 2013, Perseus Telecom was awarded the Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award for building the fastest trans-Atlantic trading connection between the London and New York exchange markets. Last year Perseus won a similar award for having the fastest network between Nasdaq OMX New York and BM&FBovespa in Brazil.

Percy spoke with John Lothian News Editor-at-Large Doug Ashburn about the use of microwave for data transmission – what is driving the demand, the benefits and limitations of wireless, and a bit about the economics of technology upgrades. He closes with a look to the future of wireless and its global implications.

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