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John Lothian News Converts Coronavirus Section of JLN to Wellness Exchange | John Lothian News

John Lothian News Converts Coronavirus Section of JLN to Wellness Exchange

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO

Ongoing Health and Wellness Issues a Risk for Employers and Employees to Monitor and Address

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new risk to those addressed by this newsletter, namely the health and wellness of each of us, our families, colleagues, friends, communities and beyond. We are all at risk from the virus, whether we are in Chicago, New York, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore or Timbuktu. 

John Lothian News addressed this new risk by creating the Coronavirus news section of the John Lothian Newsletter. However, the potential risks to manage from this pandemic for both employers and employees go far beyond just getting sick from the virus, or getting a vaccine.

For example, for us to return to having in-person conferences, there may be a need to test for the virus, and/or ascertain that someone is vaccinated. The debate about vaccine passports becomes another issue in the world of mutual regulatory recognition. 

Should there be such a thing as a vaccine passport? If so, who should be the party behind it? Who should be eligible? These and other questions will be ongoing as the world emerges from the pandemic.

Working from home is another issue. Keeping track of the health and well-being of your employees is made more difficult when they work from home, although the health of the employees might be better on both accounts with working from home in place.

Because of these risks, which will continue for who knows how long, John Lothian News is converting its Coronavirus section of JLN into Wellness Exchange. In the Wellness Exchange section we will continue to offer news about the coronavirus, but also information about how we can monitor and improve our personal health and wellness. 

As part of this new aspect, we have asked Jessica Hehmeyer, MS, DC, LDN, CNS, to share her thoughts about how to manage these risks. She is a licensed nutrition specialist, chiropractor and yoga instructor. I have been one of her patients. She is married to Chris Hehmeyer, a well-known industry leader who morphed from an FCM owner and proprietary trading firm owner to a crypto marketmaker.

The health of your employees is a key ingredient of their success working for you. The health of your traders, including their mental health, is a key element of their ability to be successful. We hope this section will help you and your employees manage this risk.

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