John Lothian News Launches New Comprehensive News Website

JLN Announces JLN Financials; Sarah Rudolph Named Managing Editor of JLN

John Lothian News (“JLN”) is pleased to announce the launch of an eponymous comprehensive news website, The new site will combine content from all previous JLN newsletter sites and into a single dynamic multimedia news portal, displaying all JLN original content, newsletters, commentaries, stories, videos and interviews.

JLN is also pleased to announce the launch of JLN Financials, a new newsletter that will replace JLN Interest Rates, JLN Forex and parts of JLN Metals. JLN Financials coverage will include interest rates, forex, indices and gold.

Additionally, John Lothian News is pleased to announce the promotion of Sarah Rudolph to the position of managing editor.  Also, Doug Ashburn will take on the title of vice president of John Lothian News in addition to his role as editor-at-large.

The site was designed by Ryan Lothian, the chief marketing officer of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc.  The new site replaces,,,,, and  

Each of the JLN newsletters will have its own landing page in the new site, with its current unique domain pointing to a unique subject related page.  Additionally, we are adding unique subject related landing pages for Technology/HFT and Regulation.

The new site will highlight the breadth of original content produced by the John Lothian News team, some of which will continue to be incorporated into MarketsWiki and MarketsReformWiki.

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