Adam Honoré, CEO of the fintech consulting firm MarketsTech, keeps a stock certificate on his wall of a dot com bust called Broadvision.

While it’s a painful reminder that he is a much better technologist than stock picker, that certificate is now emblematic of a new technology – blockchain – that could ultimately change the structure and infrastructure of financial markets.

Blockchain technology, defined as a ledger of all Bitcoin transactions that have been executed, both threatens and offers a unique opportunity for the financial markets. Because blockchain technology is able to hold critical information on the ownership of a particular contract or security, value, prior owner, as well as the matched sale of that asset Honoré said it will change the industry at the exchange or broker dealer level.

Please click on the Special Report link to see the full report, which includes a full feature story, videos from Hans-Ole Jochumsen on Nasdaq’s efforts in blockchain technology and Adam Honoré, CEO of the fintech consulting firm MarketsTech, as well as the best recent Top Stories on the topic.

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