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John Lothian

John Lothian

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Learn How to Shoot Video During Pandemic Stay at Home Time

In this era of social distancing and quarantining at home, John Lothian Productions is now offering a FREE “Everything You Need to Make Your First Video” mini course. The course is designed to give you important lessons, tips and tricks to shoot your own quality videos while away from the office. There are five lessons that walk you from picking your topic to what kind of equipment you need.

With everyone from your grandmother to your boss communicating via video in this pandemic world, the need for high quality, concise and well conceived video to get your message across has never been higher.

Here are the 5 lessons:

Lesson 1: What should be in my video?
Lesson 2: What video format should I use?
Lesson 3: What tools do I need to make my video?
Lesson 4: How do I make a great video?
Lesson 5: Do you have any tips to help my video stand out?

All videos are available for viewing HERE.

John Lothian Productions is the commercial video production division of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc., home to John Lothian News, MarketsWiki, MarketsWikiEducation, MarketsReformWiki and CryptoMarketsWiki.

John Lothian Productions was launched after demand from the industry for better quality video materialized and John Lothian News presented a higher quality video product than was typically seen in the industry. Early projects were small and included events and commercials, but JLP eventually won a contract to make a 30-minute documentary for the CBOE’s 40th anniversary. Other significant projects followed, including the 100-year anniversary of RJ O’Brien, a celebration of the life of Ivers Riley, an Intellectual Property Exchange event, SEFCON events and more.

The John Lothian Productions team includes Head of Videography Patrick Lothian, Producer and Editor Mike Forrester, Script Developer Thom Thompson and Executive Producer John Lothian. Additionally, freelancer and former John Lothian News President & Editor-in-Chief Jim Kharouf is a collaborator.

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