John Shay Shoulders AFX Role With Optimism and Purpose

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO

John Shay, the CEO of the American Financial Exchange, took on the role after 7RIDGE bought the exchange from AFX Founder and former CEO Dr. Richard Sandor and the other AFX investors. He was interviewed over Zoom by John Lothian News about AFX and his views on the role of Ameribor.

JLN asked him about how he found his way to the role of CEO and where he thinks Ameribor fits in a world where SOFR has emerged as the dominant replacement for Libor.

Shay addressed the issue of the IOSCO report from July 3 that spoke negatively about Ameribor and non-SOFR Libor alternatives.

He also talked about some of the additional credit products that AFX could offer in the future.

JLN also asked him his thoughts on the changes in Canada with the imminent introduction of Term CORRA futures.

Lastly, we asked him what the biggest challenge was that he faced personally in the new role.

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Exploring Term CORRA: An Interview with Michelle Tran, President of TMX Datalinx

Exploring Term CORRA: An Interview with Michelle Tran, President of TMX Datalinx

In a recent interview with Michelle Tran, president of TMX Datalinx, John Lothian News delved into the world of Term CORRA and its potential impact on the financial markets.

Term CORRA, which stands for Canadian Overnight Repo Rate Average, has garnered significant attention in the financial industry due to its potential to reshape the landscape of Canadian interest rate benchmarks.

Tran began by sharing insights into the implications of the launch of Term CORRA for TMX/MX, the Toronto-based stock exchange operator. She highlighted the importance of this benchmark in enhancing transparency and accuracy in the Canadian financial markets. Term CORRA is set to provide market participants with a reliable tool for risk management and pricing across various financial products.

FIA EXPO 2023 to Spotlight Artificial Intelligence

FIA EXPO 2023 to Spotlight Artificial Intelligence

Walt Lukken, President & CEO of FIA (Futures Industry Association), revealed that artificial intelligence (AI) will take center stage at this year’s EXPO 2023 in an exclusive interview with John Lothian News. The Innovator’s Pavilion will showcase companies offering AI solutions aimed at enhancing market efficiency and functionality. Additionally, AI will be a prominent theme in panel discussions during the event.

Lukken highlighted the overwhelming interest in AI, stating that it was the most sought-after topic among queries sent to the EXPO steering committee before the event.

This year’s EXPO will commence on a Monday, a departure from previous years, with keynote speaker Jon Meacham addressing the audience. Meacham’s speech will delve into how history may assess the leadership qualities of today’s U.S. leaders, as Lukken explained.

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