A Deeper Dive into 0DTE Options trading: Jonathan Zaionz, Senior Derivatives Analyst at Cboe Global Markets and Author of “The Rise of SPX & 0DTE Options,” Discusses 0DTE and More in this Options Discovery Full Interview

In this Options Discovery full interview, Asma Awass speaks with Jonthan Zaionz, a senior derivatives analyst at Cboe Global Markets who recently had his paper, “The Rise of SPX & 0DTE Options” published. Jonathan addresses a variety of topics from his career, including his passion for the derivatives space as well as the content published in his most recent article. Jonathan also gives more insight into 0DTE options trading such as the history, misconceptions, benefits and risks. You can download “The Rise of SPX & 0DTE Options” here: The Rise of SPX & 0DTE Options (cboe.com)



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Asma Awass

I am a Finance and Business Analytics student at UIC. I am an active member of my university’s boxing club and I also enjoy the creative arts.

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