Ryan Lothian is leaving John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. and John Lothian News.  After five years of helping us build our social media infrastructure and news organization, he is moving on to the next chapter in his career, a job managing digital projects with the Cook County Forest Preserve.

One can’t understate the influence that Ryan has had on the growth and development of our enterprise since 2009.  His skill in designing websites, graphic design and technical integration has helped give John Lothian News and John Lothian Productions a reputation of excellence.  His logical, thoughtful and artful work has given us elegant and dynamic platforms to deliver the content we produce.

During the last year Ryan designed the John Lothian News site, combining all of the websites of our newsletters and MarketsWiki.tv into one easy to use platform.  He also redesigned the front pages of MarketsWiki and MarketsReformWiki and integrated the content from JohnLothianNews.com into them via RSS feeds.

He helped streamline the news delivery operation of John Lothian News with these improvements, giving us more time to deliver more original content, as well as to expand our rapidly growing video production business.

Ryan was the origin of the MarketsWiki.tv site, a rogue project he told me about only when it was done.  I gave great latitude to Ryan to design and innovate and that is what he did.

We took the MarketsWiki.tv site and launched it with our Exploring Financial Technologies series, delivered on a unique platform Ryan found on the web that may have still been in Beta, if not Alpha development.

Ryan came to us in the spring of 2009 when the markets were imploding and the intellectual property market company he was part of sold off its IP auction business to ICAP.  He was working for Chicago-based Ocean Tomo as a marketing professional while also working on a masters degree in New Media from DePaul University in Chicago.  He had a whole new “New Media” plan for Ocean Tomo that he was designing from his work at DePaul that he brought to John J. Lothian & Company instead.

The timing could not have been better.  NYSE Liffe US approached me at Boca in 2009 about starting a metals newsletter, as they had bought the CBOT metals business from CME Group the year before.

I hired Ryan and Chris McMahon, the former reporter from Futures Magazine I had just contracted with do work on MarketsWiki, to work on JLN Metals.  With a new newsletter to launch, we took all of Ryan’s New Media ideas and used them to build the JLN Metals newsletter.

Then, when we liked what we saw, we rolled out the same Web 2.0 design and structure for Environmental Markets Newsletter and our flagship John Lothian Newsletter.  We also came up with the idea of launching two new blogs for options and interest rates and a bi-weekly managed futures newsletter based in the new infrastructure Ryan brought us.  Those eventually turned into the JLN Managed Futures, JLN Interest Rates and JLN Options newsletters.  JLN Interest Rates is now part of JLN Financials and Environmental Markets Newsletter is now JLN Environmental/Energy.

Those are just some of the ways Ryan contributed to the success and growth of our enterprise.  There are too many ways, big and little, to list them all.  

Last August Ryan got married to a beautiful and equally talented young woman, now Megan Lothian. I knew this was going to change Ryan’s perspective on life and increased the chance he would make a job change.  I tried my best to blunt this with offers of new opportunity, but was not successful.  

Ryan has always wanted to work for a non-profit.  I tried showing him my P&L, but that is not what he meant.  He wants to work for a non-commercial entity, and the Cook County Forest Preserve meets that requirement.

He will still be doing freelance work on the side, just as he has while working for John J. Lothian & Company, Inc.  Now, he will be doing the occasional freelance project for us on the side, probably when we need some help with a project for John Lothian Productions.

I thank Ryan greatly for all he contributed to our success.  We will miss Ryan, there can be no doubt.  But he has positioned us well to execute what we do best, provide and share content.  Today, that content is about him.  In two weeks, Ryan will be off for the next stop in his journey of excellence.  

You can reach out to him at rlothian@gmail.com.

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