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John Lothian

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Joyce Selander is a former open outcry trader and one of the few women who found a home in a trading pit of men much bigger and stronger than her. But she found a niche and had friends in the trading pit who would help protect her from the organized chaos that was pit trading. She became one of the “guys” in the trading pit over time.

She started on an Associate Membership at the Chicago Board of Trade, bought with the help of her father, who had recently sold a house. Selander knew many of the titans of the day in the futures industry and worked for the O’Connor brothers during the 1987 stock market crash. She traded her own account and also filled orders from time to time. 

Selander sat for an interview for the MarketsWiki Education Open Outcry Traders History Project in the offices of John Lothian News. She was one of the last interviews in the office before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

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