In this edition, fracking is in focus in a Bloomberg college research piece, Fracking Wastewater Disposal Seen Linked to Earthquakes. And, U.K. Government to Tackle Shale Gas ‘Myths’ reports the WSJ. Today’s leading story: Clean Energy Investment Rises 22% Led by U.S., China.

Quote of the Day:

“I think we’re putting together a package that will show we are leaders in Europe, and have learned lessons from elsewhere. Perhaps in due course we can show ourselves as leaders in the world.”

–U.K. Energy Secretary Ed Davey talking about fracking in The Wall Street Journal’s “U.K. Government to Tackle Shale Gas ‘Myths’”

Lead Stories

Clean Energy Investment Rises 22% Led by U.S., China
Clean-energy investment rose 22 percent in the second quarter from the prior three months as increased spending in the U.S., China and South Africa countered a slump in Europe. The $53.1 billion invested in the industry was still less than the $63.1 billion spent in the same period a year earlier as Europe’s spending fell to the lowest in more than six years, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Investment in the region shrank 44 percent from the first quarter to $9.5 billion.

Spain energy overhaul set to be approved on Friday
The Spanish government will discuss and likely pass on Friday a major reform of the energy sector to plug a growing gap between power prices and generation costs, three sources with knowledge of the matter said on Thursday.

House Passes $30.4 Billion Energy-Water Spending Measure
Government spending on renewables and other green energy programs would be halved and incandescent light bulbs dropped from federal regulation under the fiscal 2014 Energy-Water Development appropriations bill passed today in the House.

Power grids to spend $64 bln on new gear by 2020 -Alstom
Grids around the world are likely to spend about 50 billion euros ($64.3 billion) by 2020 on new equipment to transport power over long distances, including connections to remote renewable energy projects, Alstom estimated.

States Defend Clean-Energy Mandates Targeted by Conservatives
State legislatures from North Carolina to Kansas rejected efforts to repeal or reduce renewable-energy mandates sought by conservative groups funded by oil companies and utilities.

Fracking Wastewater Disposal Seen Linked to Earthquakes
Disposing of wastewater from hydraulic fracturing may make fault zones more prone to earthquakes, according to researchers from Columbia University and the University of Oklahoma.


EMA’s 17th Annual Meeting
September 25-27, 2013
Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, NV

Solar Power International
October 21-24
Chicago, Illinois

Natural Gas/Coal/Alternative Fuels

Italy’s ENI expects to drill for gas off Cyprus next year
Italian energy company ENI will start exploratory drilling for natural gas off Cyprus in the second half of 2014, its chief executive said on Thursday.

Thai Sugar Harvest Seen at Record Adding to Global Surplus
Sugar production in Thailand, the world’s largest exporter after Brazil, may climb by 10 percent to a record in the season from November as yields increase, according to Thai Sugar Millers Corp. Futures declined.

No quick fix in sight for Egypt’s energy chaos
None of the new ministers to be appointed by Egypt’s military-backed leaders faces an easy task, but perhaps special sympathy should be reserved for the brave soul who takes on the energy ministry.

U.K. Government to Tackle Shale Gas ‘Myths’
The Wall Street Journal
Britain’s energy secretary on Wednesday advocated a public awareness campaign to promote shale gas and dispel the “myths” surrounding fracking, the controversial method for unlocking the natural gas.

EU Lawmakers Back Limits to Biofuels’ Use in Transport
The Wall Street Journal
The most commonly used biofuels in the European Union are poised to play a reduced role in the bloc’s fight against climate change, after lawmakers Thursday voted to limit their use in the transportation sector.


Xcel to Buy 700 Megawatts of NextEra, Infinity Wind Power
Xcel Energy Inc. (XEL), the biggest U.S. provider of wind power, plans to boost its wind capacity by about 14 percent to reduce fuel costs.

Trina Solar to Supply 7 Megawatts of Modules for Project in U.K.
Trina Solar Ltd. (TSL), the third-biggest module maker, supplied 7 megawatts of panels to Ikaros Solar NV for a project at a U.K. farm.

U.K. Predicts $2.9 Billion Benefit From Energy Efficiency
The U.K. government said measures to make large companies more energy efficient may create social benefits totaling 1.9 billion pounds ($2.9 billion) due to better air quality and lower costs for carbon permits.


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