In this edition, coverage about a potential EU, Australian carbon hook-up. There’s Bloomberg’s report of an Accenture study on the link and some perspective from the Sydney Morning Herald. Elsewhere, California floats cap-and-trade rule changes. And from the solar space, As World’s Largest Solar Thermal Plant Opens, California Looks to End Solar Wars.

Quote of the Day:

“It needs to be something like a central bank. If the EU is talking about linking up with Australia, there has to be a degree of harmonization.”

–Mauricio Bermudez Neubauer, London-based carbon consultant with Accenture, in Bloomberg’s “Australia Carbon Link May Spur EU Panel, Accenture Says”

Lead Stories

Australia Carbon Link May Spur EU Panel, Accenture Says
Linking with Australia’s carbon market may spur the European Union to set up an independent panel to help manage demand and supply in its own program, improving governance, according to Accenture Plc. (ACN).

Europe comfortable combining with Australia’s carbon market
Sydney Morning Times
The European Commission, the body overseeing Europe’s carbon market, has given an early indication of support for Australia’s plan to accelerate the move to a floating price for emissions by a year.

Carbon offset projects eyed overseas
Japan News/Yomiuri Shimbun
The government plans to apply a bilateral offset credit mechanism to reduce carbon dioxide emissions for the first time to five projects in five nations, including an energy-saving project at beer plants in Vietnam, the environment minister announced Tuesday.

EU approves German carbon support scheme for heavy industry
European Union regulators on Wednesday approved a German scheme to compensate heavy industries for higher electricity costs resulting from the bloc’s emissions trading scheme (ETS).

California floats cap-and-trade rule changes
Argus Media
The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has released a list of proposed changes to its cap-and-trade program aimed at keeping allowance prices in check, and easing the compliance burden for the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

As World’s Largest Solar Thermal Plant Opens, California Looks to End Solar Wars
Lauren Sommer – KQED
In a few weeks, the largest solar plant of its kind in the world will start producing power in California’s Mojave Desert. The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System will supply both Northern and Southern California, inching the state one step closer to its ambitious renewable energy goal.

Thailand Plans to Boost Renewable Energy Output to 25% of Total
Thailand plans to increase production of electricity from renewable sources to 25 percent of total output over the next 10 years to reduce imports and boost energy security, the Ministry of Energy said.


Water and Society 2013
September 4-6
New Forest, U.K.

EMA’s 17th Annual Meeting
September 25-27
Las Vegas, NV

Verge: Where Tech Meets Sustainability
October 14-17
San Francisco, Calif.

Solar Power International
October 21-24
Chicago, Illinois


Voluntary carbon credits are healthier than compliance: Jonathan Shopley
DNA India
Jonathan Shopley, MD at The CarbonNeutral Company, a global provider of carbon reduction solutions to more than 350 companies, was the founding co-chair of The International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance, an industry body committed to defining and meeting the best practice in the carbon market, and is a board director of the Climate Markets and Investors Association.

California’s Cap-and-Trade Program Has Learned From Europe
Energy Biz Blog
Despite claims to the contrary, the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme is not dead. It will survive, but in the meantime the international community must keep moving forward with other efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, California has been able to learn from the pioneering efforts in Europe, and as a result the state is poised to be a major player in the effort to fight climate change.

Natural Gas/Coal/Alternative Fuels

Green bank helps to finance Scottish whisky biomass project
Britain’s Green Investment Bank plans to provide almost half the financing for a 1.2 million pound ($1.8 million) biomass boiler at the Tomatin whisky distillery in Inverness, Scotland.

Americans Support the Keystone XL Pipeline by Wide Margin
National Journal
While the Obama administration mulls whether to approve the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, Americans are already decided. They support the project by a wide margin, prioritizing potential economic benefits over possible environmental consequences.


Spain Clean Energy Subsidy Cuts Raise Bankruptcy Risk
Spain’s cuts to renewable energy subsidies will leave many project developers facing bankruptcy, four industry lobby groups said.

U.K.’s Decade-Long Delay for Offshore Wind Draws Industry Ire
The U.K. pushed back a timetable for offshore wind capacity by a decade to 2030, drawing industry criticism that its plans are “bad for growth, bad for jobs.”

COLUMN-Cutting the cost of more wind power: Gerard Wynn
Wind power is one of most favoured and fastest growing sources of electricity in Europe, and that creates a problem for grid operators and policymakers who aim to keep the lights on.

J.P. Morgan Staring at Record Fine Over Energy
The Wall Street Journal
J.P. Morgan Chase is in discussions with U.S. electricity regulators about paying what would be a record fine to settle allegations that the bank manipulated electricity markets in California and the Midwest, according to people familiar with the talks.


Beijing Enterprises Buys Standard Water Units to Expand
Beijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd. (371), a developer of water-treatment systems, plans to buy two project units from Standard Water Ltd. for 1.35 billion yuan ($220 million) to expand further in China.

CDP water scores: The next wave in reporting
Over the past several years, companies are increasingly taking into account environmental issues, such as water and ecosystems; quantifying their sustainability performance; and reporting that performance to external stakeholders.


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