In this edition, the push-and-pull of Washington revealed in Carbon-Cost Change Seen by Republicans as Raising Prices from Bloomberg and White House climate advisor tells House Dems what’s coming from The Hill’s E2 Wire. From the solar space, China’s Feud With West on Solar Leads to Tax reports The New York Times. Plus, a new study: Fracking Research Finding No Water Taint Near Drill Site.

Quote of the Day:

“There are pressures on the U.S. and China to do something about global warming, and it happens to fit in with the idea of expanding cooperation to try to contain and hopefully reverse the growing strategic rivalry.”

–Former U.S. Ambassador to China, J. Stapleton Roy, in The AP’s “Obama’s unlikely climate change partner: China”

Lead Stories

Carbon-Cost Change Seen by Republicans as Raising Prices
Republican lawmakers criticized the administration of President Barack Obama for raising its estimated cost of climate change, a step they said will increase prices for fuel, electricity and appliances.

White House climate advisor tells House Dems what’s coming
The Hill’s E2 Wire
President Obama’s chief climate and energy adviser made the rounds Friday to brief House Democrats on the administration’s climate agenda.

Obama’s unlikely climate change partner: China
President Barack Obama has stumbled on an unusual partner in his quest to combat climate change: China.

EU-Australia CO2 union shows price tension: Wynn
The European Union and Australia last August agreed to link emissions trading schemes, with the aim of injecting new momentum into flagging moves for a global carbon price.

Carbon programs’ backlash in Australia, EU bode ill for U.S. efforts to fight climate change
The Washington Times
Recent stumbles in Europe and Australia to implement ambitious climate change programs are providing a “cautionary tale” for the Obama administration and U.S. lawmakers as they consider how to fulfill President Obama’s drive to reduce U.S. greenhouse gases.

Britain plans tax breaks for shale gas investment
The British government unveiled what it described as the world’s most generous incentives for shale gas on Friday, offering tax breaks to drive investment in a sector that has already transformed the U.S. energy market.

Energy chiefs warn on EU oil sands measures
Chief executives of some of Britain’s largest energy service companies have warned of “significant economic consequences” if Brussels implements a fuel quality directive that would classify crude from Canada’s oil sands as dirtier than other types.

So What’s the Matter With Shale Gas, Anyway?
The Wall Street Journal
Sometimes it seems as if the environmental movement has been left behind by the sheer speed of America’s shale energy revolution. That may be because a resource—natural gas—that environmental groups once saw as part of the solution has become part of the problem, at least as they see it.

Asian Coal Use Grows Despite Gas Challenge
The Wall Street Journal
Sometimes dismissed as the dirty fuel whose day is nearly over because of environmental concerns and ballooning output of cleaner-burning gas, coal is on a roll in Asia, with governments across the region ordering new coal-fired power stations.

Insight: Aussie bank surfs U.S. energy wave as Wall St. rivals struggle
An Australian bank is quietly beating Wall Street’s powerhouses in a game they have long dominated: trading in the staples of the world economy.

Environmental damage costs India $80bn a year
Environmental degradation costs India about $80bn a year, nearly 6 per cent of gross domestic product, the World Bank said on Wednesday in a report requested by the country’s environment ministry.


Water and Society 2013
September 4-6
New Forest, U.K.

EMA’s 17th Annual Meeting
September 25-27
Las Vegas, NV

Verge: Where Tech Meets Sustainability
October 14-17
San Francisco, Calif.

Solar Power International
October 21-24
Chicago, Illinois

Natural Gas/Coal/Alternative Fuels

Geothermal Beating Coal Lures Enel From Tuscan Geysers
More than a century ago an Italian prince developed a machine that harnessed the hot air rising from the hills south of Florence to spin a turbine and generate the world’s first geothermal power.

Biofuels to Attract $69 Billion Over Next Decade, Navigant Says
Biofuel producers will invest as much as $69 billion to expand output during the next decade, driven in part by U.S. policies that increase blending of plant-based fuels into petroleum-based fuel, according to a report from Navigant Consulting Inc. (NCI).

Fracking Research Finding No Water Taint Near Drill Site
Energy Department researchers so far have found “nothing of concern” in a study of whether chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing for natural gas at one site in Pennsylvania traveled toward shallower groundwater.


China’s Feud With West on Solar Leads to Tax
The New York Times
Escalating a long-simmering trade dispute with the West over solar panels, China plans to impose tariffs that could exceed 50 percent on a material it imports from the United States and South Korea to make the panels, its Ministry of Commerce announced on Thursday.

Westinghouse Solar Cancels Acquisition by Australia’s CBD Energy
Westinghouse Solar Inc. (WEST) canceled an agreement to be acquired by Australia’s CBD Energy Ltd. (CBD) after the deal was “repeatedly delayed.”

EU draws up plans to allow state aid for nuclear power
The EU has drawn up plans to change state aid rules to make it easier for member countries to subsidise nuclear power, in a move that looks set to trigger a political row across the continent.

FERC Increases Scrutiny of Electricity Market
The Wall Street Journal
A federal regulator established in 1920 to oversee hydropower projects is sending shock waves through Wall Street.


Australian State Awards A$755 Million in Sydney Water Contracts
Australia’s New South Wales, the nation’s most-populous state, awarded contracts worth A$755 million ($692 million) to help upgrade Sydney’s water network.

Armenia’s Capital Gets Water Loan From EBRD for Infrastructure
The Armenian capital of Yerevan is getting a water-supply and network infrastructure improvement loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


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