In today’s edition, China is covered across three stories: Reuters’ “China keen to avoid CO2 rollercoaster ride,” The New York Times’ “When Beijing Cleared the Air,” and BSR’s “How Brazil, India and China are redefining sustainability.” And GE’s energy division shake-up is covered in The Wall Street Journal. The Hill has “GE blames drop in wind turbine sales on tax uncertainty.”

Quote of the Day:

“Canada has been portrayed as the bad guy [when it came to energy and the environment]. It’s kind of depressing. . . What we want to do is have the Canadian brand celebrated and so we’ve got to clean up our act, of course we do.”

–David Angus, head of Canada’s Senate Energy Committee, in Reuters’ “Canada energy industry must improve green record – Senate report”

Lead Stories

China keen to avoid CO2 rollercoaster ride
Price control mechanisms and tightly regulated markets are among the measures China is considering for its emissions trading schemes in a bid to avoid the price volatility and scandals that have hit Europe’s $148-billion scheme.
**RKB – China wants a ceiling and a floor.

When Beijing Cleared the Air
The New York Times
As the Olympic Games draw near in London and some fret about the environmental impact, it might be instructive to look back on the measures taken when Beijing played host in 2008.  

How Brazil, India and China are redefining sustainability
In India, family-owned enterprises like the TATA group occupy a place in citizen’s hearts and minds that is not easily shifted. They are viewed as the “go to” institutions to build schools and other social institutions, and fulfilling these social needs guarantees these companies’ license to operate.

EU Commission to publish ETS rescue plan next week
The European Commission confirmed on Friday that it will announce plans next week to withhold carbon allowances to support the struggling Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), which has suffered a collapse in prices under the burden of oversupply.

New Database Aims To Track Carbon Emissions Of All Listed Companies
Ecosystem Marketplace
Max Horster joined South Pole Carbon Asset Management two years ago to design climate-neutral investment portfolios. But there was a problem: only 3,000 of the world’s 40,000 listed companies published emission figures, and most of these weren’t trustworthy.

Abundance Targets Retail Renewables Investors With Bond Sales
Abundance NRG Ltd., a London investment company, is courting retail investors with an offer to buy into wind, solar and other renewable energy projects for as little as 5 pounds ($7.90).

U.K. Energy Department Chief Quits Amid Policy Delays
Moira Wallace, the top official at the U.K.’s Department for Energy and Climate Change, said she plans to resign at the end of October.
**RKB — Official statement says departure after four years represents normal churn among public officials, most analysts tie departure to subsidies delay.

Canada energy industry must improve green record – Senate report
Canada will not be able to fully benefit from huge resources of oil and natural gas unless the energy industry improves its environmental record, a Senate report concluded on Thursday.

Is energy production transforming the American economy?
Exxon Mobil Perspectives blog
NPR had a good piece Wednesday morning about the state of the economic recovery in the United States. What really stood out was its treatment of the transformative role played by the American oil and gas industry in driving economic growth and job creation.
**RKB — The Economist cover and the NPR interview mentioned in the blog.

Where the vice presidential prospects stand on energy
Mitt Romney’s greenish past came back to haunt him with the GOP base during the primaries. Now the former Massachusetts governor who once imposed limits on carbon dioxide emissions, spent money on green energy and proclaimed that a coal-fired power plant “kills people” may be looking for some backup with conservative voters. That’s especially true in a campaign where offshore drilling, Energy Department loans, gasoline prices and the Keystone XL pipeline have become touchstone issues.

Low-key carbon tax talks fuel conservative outcry
Nobody expects the idea to be enacted anytime soon, but some liberal and conservative thinkers are having a quiet, informal dialogue about imposing a tax on industrial carbon emissions.


Carbon Forum North America
October 1-2, 2012
Washington, DC

Sustainability Summit – Innovation Challenge
October 9, 2012
New York


Deutsche Bank cuts carbon price outlook for Q3
Deutsche Bank on Wednesday cut its average price outlook for European Union carbon permits in the third quarter by 13 percent, after a drop in prices and uncertainty about an EU plan to curb a supply glut in the market, the bank’s analysts said.  

Carbon News: Forester Says NZ Now Has “Clayton’s” ETS
Carbon News
New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme is now a Clayton’s scheme, says the man who spent five years fighting for carbon credits for forest owners. Roger Dickie, of the forestry investment company Roger Dickie New Zealand, is reported in New Zealand’s specialist carbon market information service, Carbon News, today as saying the Government’s decision not to restrict the free flow of international credits into the New Zealand market was “the final blow”.

Natural Gas/Coal

France Has No Plans to Review Fracking Ban, Energy Minister Says
The French government currently has no plans to lift a ban on hydraulic fracturing, known as fracking, the technique used to extract gas and oil from shale rock, Environment and Energy Minister Delphine Batho said in an interview with radio station RMC today.

US EPA to review mercury rule on new power plants
The U.S. environmental regulator said on Friday it will review recently finalized limits on mercury emissions on new coal-fired power plants in a process that could ease the rules for companies building five new projects.

Why is the U.S. government so bullish on coal predictions?                       
U.S. energy policies prop up coal consumption in a variety of ways, some clear and some less so. For example, the Bureau of Land Management has lately come in for a drubbing for leasing public lands to coal mining companies at comically low rates, and to the detriment of taxpayers.


GE Shake-Up Will Audition New Leaders
Wall Street Journal
General Electric Co. GE +0.35% will break its giant energy business into three units, creating new proving grounds for a generation of executives who could vie to succeed current Chief Executive Jeff Immelt.

GE blames drop in wind turbine sales on tax uncertainty
The Hill’s E2 Wire
General Electric, the nation’s largest producer of wind turbines, is blaming a drop in orders on the uncertainty surrounding a wind-production tax credit.

U.K. Proposes New Renewable Tariffs for Small Wind, Hydro Plans
The U.K. energy department proposed new incentive rates that cut support for small-scale wind projects while making little change to small hydroelectric projects.

China Endorses Plan to Step Up Solar Power Demand After 2015
The Chinese government said it will accelerate the pace of solar power installations after 2015, part of a program including funds from the state to cap carbon emissions while satisfying the nation’s demand for electricity.

China to Probe U.S., South Korea Solar Products
Wall Street Journal
China’s Commerce Ministry said Friday that it is investigating possible solar equipment subsidies by the U.S. and South Korea and their impact on Chinese manufacturers, widening a trade spat at a time of oversupply and weakening demand for solar power equipment.

India Can Boost Clean-Energy Targets at Minimal Cost, Panel Says
India, the world’s fourth-biggest energy consumer, can increase renewable power purchase targets for distributors at minimal cost, a panel of regulators said.

India Extends Import Tax on Power Gear
Wall Street Journal
India’s cabinet Thursday approved expanding a 21% import tax to generating equipment imported for larger power projects and the sale of 11% of Steel Authority Of India Ltd., the country’s largest steelmaker by capacity.

Solely solar: Victoria could get all its electricity from sun
The Age
VICTORIA could capture enough energy from the sun to meet its electricity needs twice over and trails other parts of the world in harnessing wind power, says the national Climate Commission.

State Ranks Last in Electrical Reliability
Texas Tribune
It is almost August. That means Texans are avoiding the heat, air-conditioners are cranking, and electrical power demand is going through the roof.


Agencies buying energy credits to meet mandates
Federal Times
Cash-strapped agencies are turning increasingly to renewable energy credits to meet energy mandates.
A renewable energy credit (REC) represents the environmental benefits of one megawatt hour of clean energy. Agencies purchase RECs to lay claim to those benefits and report the energy toward their renewable energy goals.

Getting the Green Deal Done: Key REC Contract Terms, Definitions, and Project Developer Tips
Press Release
Register now for the Renewable Energy Markets Association’s (REMA) free webinar, “Getting the Green Deal Done: Key REC contract terms, definitions, and project developer experiences,” held on August 9th at 1PM ET. Join experts from the trading, marketing, and renewable energy developer sectors as they describe the ins and outs of contracts for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).


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