In this edition, Russia reportedly nears joining the global carbon market roster, says a well-known blog. Two stories on power linkages caught our eye: Commission says EU-China energy efficiency links are ‘deepening’ reports and India, Pakistan Discuss Joint Power Grid, says The Wall Street Journal.

Quote of the Day:

“But backloading is only an instrument to buy the necessary time to maintain the Emissions Trading System (ETS) as we need structural reform. If the carbon price falls below 3 euro a tonne, it will have no more effect.”

–German MEP Matthias Groote in EurActiv’s “Zombie carbon markets to be shocked back to life”

Lead Stories

Russia edges closer to carbon market pilot
Responding to Climate Change blog
The Russian government and business have appear to have tacitly agreed that the country needs its own national carbon market in order to stay relevant in the greening world economy.

Steel lobby says EU CO2 targets require technology breakthroughs
European steelmakers need new, breakthrough technology to be able to meet the EU’s proposed target of cutting their carbon emissions by about 90 percent by 2050 from 1990 levels, industry body Eurofer said.

MEPs’ move to fix EU carbon market praised
The UK government and green groups have welcomed a European Parliament move to rescue the EU’s carbon trading scheme, but say deeper reforms are needed.

Zombie carbon markets to be shocked back to life
A patched-up plan to shock Europe’s zombie carbon markets back to life will pass a plenary vote at the European Parliament on Wednesday (3 July), but this will only “buy time” for more fundamental reform, says the chairman of the Parliament’s environment committee.

Commission says EU-China energy efficiency links are ‘deepening’
As the EU considers ways of renovating away the 40% of energy guzzled each year by its last-millennium housing stock, China is grappling with the consequences of a runaway housing boom.

India, Pakistan Discuss Joint Power Grid
The Wall Street Journal
India has warmed up to arch-rival Pakistan by offering to help its neighbor resolve an acute power shortage that has plunged its cities in hours of darkness and blighted economic growth, two senior government officials confirmed Friday.

Britain opens world’s largest offshore wind farm
The world’s largest offshore wind farm, which can generate enough electricity for half a million homes, was officially opened off Britain’s south-east coast on Thursday.

Obama administration preparing host of new environmental regs
The Hill’s E2 Wire
The Obama administration is looking forward to a host of new environmental regulations that go far beyond the president’s plans to issue new standards for greenhouse gas emissions from new and existing power plants.

Obama’s Remarks Offer Hope to Opponents of Oil Pipeline
The New York Times
The political ground may be shifting under the Keystone XL pipeline.

Obama channels his inner Al Gore in climate change messaging shift
The Hill’s E2 Wire
President Obama is channeling his inner Al Gore in his new climate push with a public relations strategy that breaks with his first term.

From Forests to Fossil Fuels: U.S. Energy Consumption Since 1776
Time Magazine
More than 200 years of U.S. energy statistics show the dominance of fossil fuels like oil and coal. Will the trend change in the future?


EMA’s 17th Annual Meeting
September 25-27, 2013
Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, NV


EU CO2 price may rise, gas plants’ disadvantage to remain
Fitch Report
The European Parliament’s initiative to temporarily withdraw some carbon emission permits could push prices higher if it gains traction, says Fitch Ratings. But on its own it will probably not move permit prices enough to reverse the competitive advantage coal-fired power plants hold over natural gas-fired facilities.

COLUMN-Lesser-known CO2 storage idea merits attention: Wynn
Technology that would convert carbon dioxide from a scourge on the climate to beneficial products is inching towards commercial reality and is already cheaper than carbon capture and storage.

Drax’s Sole Bid for Carbon Capture Funds Casts Doubt on EU Goals
A European Union program to fund as many as 12 carbon capture projects attracted only one bid for the emissions-trapping technology, a proposal submitted by a venture between Drax Group Plc (DRX), Alstom SA (ALO) and BOC Group Ltd.

Barclays Energy Trader Karim Kanji Says He Has Quit Bank
Karim Kanji, head of coal, dry-freight and iron-ore trading at Barclays Plc (BARC) in London, resigned from the bank last week amid a financial-industry shift away from energy and commodity markets.

Avis offsets near 200,000 tonnes of CO2
Press Release/
One of the biggest car rental firms in the world, Avis Budget Group estimates that it has offset 198,578 tonnes of CO2 since it signed an agreement with global offsetting firm, CarbonNeutral back in 2007.

Carbon offsets start to add up in Chilliwack
The Progress
Chilliwack’s public sector has spent tens of thousands of dollars on carbon offsets last year, according to the latest government reports.

Natural Gas/Coal/Alternative Fuels

Quebec Disaster Spurs Rail-Versus-Pipelines Debate on Oil
A train disaster in Quebec promises to touch off a debate over the safety record of using railroads or pipelines such as TransCanada Corp. (TRP)’s Keystone XL to carry crude oil.

British Company Applies for Shale Gas Fracking Permit
The New York Times
Cuadrilla Resources, a private equity-backed British oil and gas company, continues to try to find a way to produce shale gas in its home country.

Brazil’s Ethanol Demand Seen Rising by Copersucar on Fuel Price
Ethanol demand in Brazil, the largest sugar producer, is set to gain as the price of the biofuel at the pump is now more competitive than gasoline, according to Sao Paulo-based trader and producer Copersucar SA.

COLUMN-Obama’s phoney war on coal: Kemp
“The president has declared war on coal,” West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin complained last month.

At Anchor Off Lithuania, Its Own Energy Supply
The New York Times
The first Soviet republic to reclaim its independence was Lithuania. But more than two decades later, the energy industry of this European Union member still feels like an outpost of a creaking empire run from Moscow.


Armed Indians Hurt Hydro Spending by Utilities: Corporate Brazil
Armed invasions by indigenous groups and cost surges of as much as 53 percent are making it harder for the government to lure private investments to hydropower projects in the Amazon, a cornerstone of President Dilma Rousseff’s plan to ensure energy supplies.

Hollande Fires Energy Minister Batho Amid Nuclear-Power Debate
President Francois Hollande’s ouster of Environment Minister Delphine Batho after she criticized the government’s budget plans for next year comes at a critical time for the country’s energy policy.


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