In this edition, global energy partnerships remain a connective theme, extending to Africa. African carbon markets, meanwhile, are covered by a science organization’s site. Also, Major biorefinery opened in Britain, Reuters reports.

Quote of the Day:

“Despite unfavourable market conditions, the CDM continues to provide a mechanism for real emission reductions and real sustainable development for those who wish to use it.”

–Peer Stiansen, Chair of the CDM Executive Board, in “UN carbon market scheme passes 7000 project mark”

Lead Stories

White House issues veto threat to House energy funding bill
The White House on Monday threatened to veto the energy funding bill for fiscal 2014 that is expected to be debated by the House of Representatives this week, citing steep cuts proposed for renewable energy programs.

China Says It Will Not Set Carbon Cap
Renewable Energy World
Although several major newspapers of record reported in May that China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) had proposed introducing a cap on greenhouse gases from 2016, the nation says it has no such plan.

Africa on the move to establish carbon markets
Africa Science News
Despite a strong headwind in the form of low prices paid for certified emission reductions (CERs), steady improvements in the Kyoto Protocol’s clean development mechanism (CDM) and the possibility of new sources of demand have kept an interested core of stakeholders engaged in the development of carbon markets in Africa.

Kenya Receiving Assistance from Japan on Renewable Energy Development
Renewable Energy World
The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is working to bring more power that includes renewable energy and better transmission to the people of Kenya. JICA’s program aims to strengthen the power supply capacity of Kenya through support of power plants and domestic transmission lines. It also intends to strengthen international transmission lines to realize the Power Pooling Initiative in East Africa.

EU, Algeria take step towards closer energy cooperation
Algeria and the European Union signed a draft agreement on closer energy cooperation yesterday (7 July) during an official visit by European Commission President José Manuel Barroso.

Hedegaard urges development banks to divest from fossil fuels
Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard has called for development banks with a combined annual lending pot of 130 billion euro to end support for fossil fuels in their energy lending policy reviews.

Rabobank, Storebrand boost fossil fuels divestment campaign
The campaign to persuade financial groups to divest shareholdings in fossil fuels firms has won a major victory, with one Dutch bank banning investments in ‘unconventional fuels’ and a Norwegian pension fund divesting from 19 companies.

Analysis: Quebec rail disaster shines critical light on oil-by-rail boom
The deadly train derailment in Quebec this weekend is set to bring intense scrutiny to the dramatic growth in North America of shipping crude oil by rail, a century-old practice unexpectedly revived by the surge in shale oil production.


EMA’s 17th Annual Meeting
September 25-27, 2013
Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, NV

Solar Power International
October 21-24
Chicago, Illinois


UN carbon market scheme passes 7000 project mark
Responding to Climate
The world’s largest emissions trading scheme has passed the 7000 project mark, despite continued concerns over its viability and a collapse in carbon prices.

Emissions trading in China: Risky, difficult, but necessary
China’s first pilot emissions trading scheme was launched on June 18 in Shenzhen. Five other pilots – Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hubei and Guangdong – are also expected to be launched this year. Only Chongqing is yet to finalise an opening date. All face great problems: they are market systems in a non-market economy. But can those challenges be overcome?

Natural Gas/Coal/Alternative Fuels

BSBIOS Exports Biodiesel to EU After Duties Imposed on Argentina
BSBIOS Industria e Comercio de Biodiesel Sul Brasil SA, the biofuel producer that’s half-owned by Brazil’s state-controlled oil company Petrobras, began exporting after the European Union imposed tariffs on imports from neighboring Argentina.

Biofuel Investments at Seven-Year Low as BP Blames Cost
Europe’s biggest oil companies are scaling back work on the next generation of biofuels, a setback for the effort to create a gasoline substitute that doesn’t drain the food supply.

Major biorefinery opened in Britain
One of Europe’s largest biorefineries, capable of meeting up to a third of Britain’s bioethanol demand, opened officially near Hull in eastern England on Monday.

Fracking Firms Face New Crop of Competitors
The Wall Street Journal
So many companies have jumped into the hydraulic-fracturing business that the price of performing the key part of the oil- and gas-drilling technique has plunged in recent years, forcing fracking’s pioneers to play up new technologies to stand out.


Phoenix Building Georgia’s Largest Solar Farm on Old Cotton Farm
Phoenix Solar AG (PS4)’s U.S. unit is building a solar power facility at a former cotton farm in Georgia that will be the state’s largest when completed later this year.

NRG Renewable-Energy Unit Seeking Up to $411 Million Through IPO
A unit of NRG Energy Inc. (NRG), the biggest independent U.S. electricity producer, plans to raise as much as $411 million through an initial public offering.

AfDB Expects African Wind Power Capacity To Increase 10-Fold
Renewable Energy World
A report from the African Development Bank (AfDB) said that wind power is expected to increase by a factor of 10 over the next few years. The study showed wind power in the country currently makes up just 1 percent of the energy mix — at just 1 GW — but with 10.5 GW of wind power projects in the pipeline, that number will skyrocket.

France plans 5 pct increase in power tariffs in August
The French government plans a 5 percent increase in electricity tariffs in August and 5 percent more in August next year to cover rising costs at state-owned utility EDF, the energy and environment ministry said on Tuesday.


Water Warming to Boost Hydro, Nuclear-Power Costs: Study
Waterways warmed by climate change will increase electricity prices by as much as a third in southern Europe as producers struggle to cool power stations, a study showed.


Tesla Motors to Join Nasdaq 100 as Oracle Defects to NYSE
Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA), the world’s best-performing automotive stock this year, will join the Nasdaq-100 Index next week, filling the spot vacated by Oracle Corp. (ORCL), which is moving to the New York Stock Exchange.


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World Bank

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Yale Project on Climate Change

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