In this edition, the curtain-raisers for the Tuesday climate change address from U.S. President Barack Obama. Plus, several court developments in the U.S. impacting coal and state-by-state emissions.

Quote of the Day:

“The United States has been notable in recent years for a lack of a national climate strategy. It’s a wonderful thing to see that he is reclaiming this issue.”

–World Resources Institute President Andrew Steer in The New York Times’ “Obama to Outline Ambitious Plan to Cut Greenhouse Gases”

Lead Stories

Obama to Outline Ambitious Plan to Cut Greenhouse Gases
The New York Times
President Obama will propose a sweeping plan to address climate change on Tuesday, setting ambitious goals and timetables for a series of executive actions to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and prepare the nation for the ravages of a warming planet.
**RKB — Obama expected to propose the first limits on carbon pollution from existing power plants and would promise to complete pending rules for new plants. He will direct the Environmental Protection Agency to work with states and industries to devise standards for emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases from existing power plants by June 2014, the aides said, and will finalize the rules in June of the following year. The president will commit to $7 billion in financing for international climate mitigation and adaptation projects, primarily in developing countries and nations most vulnerable to rising seas and other climate-related threats. But it is not clear now much of that is new money and how much is already committed under existing international aid programs.

Obama unveils climate change plan that goes around Congress
The Hill’s E2 Wire
President Obama is launching fresh battles over climate change with plans to curb emissions using executive powers that sidestep Congress — including controversial rules to cut carbon pollution from existing power plants.
**RKB — The White House Plan. White House blog entry and video.

Obama Said to Solicit States on Cutting Carbon Emissions
The Obama administration plans to solicit ideas from states on how to cut greenhouse-gas emissions as it seeks to impose standards for carbon dioxide on new and existing electric-power plants, according to people briefed on the plans.

Obama’s greenhouse gas plans face court challenges
Financial Times
Plans for cutting US greenhouse gas emissions to be launched by President Barack Obama on Tuesday face legal challenges that mean the fate of his climate policy is ultimately likely to be decided in the courts.

Obama’s EPA Gets Supreme Court Hearing on Coal Pollution
The U.S. Supreme Court agreed to consider reviving an Environmental Protection Agency rule that would curb emissions from coal-fired power plants, in a clash over the Obama administration’s biggest air-quality effort.

Statement: Environmental Markets Association
The U.S. Supreme Court issued an order this morning granting EPA’s request for the Supreme Court to review the D.C. Circuit’s decision that invalidated the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR). Briefing in the case should be completed this year, and a decision should be issued in the case before the end of June 2014.
**No Link

The comeback of Old King Coal
Nick Butler – blog
Month by month, the consequences of the shale gas revolution in the United States are working their way through the international energy market. There has been much discussion of whether the US will permit shale gas exports in any quantity. But even before that is decided the growth of shale gas production in the US is already having an impact. The reduced need for US gas imports leaves supplies from Trinidad, North Africa and elsewhere to find a new home. That means that gas prices in Europe and Asia will fall. And even more important, shale gas is displacing coal from the US power generation sector.

Australian Factories Meet Carbon Deadline Ahead of Cap-and-Trade
Bloomberg Businessweek
Australian factories and power stations handed in carbon permits and offsets covering 212 million metric tons of greenhouse gases emitted in the past year as the nation prepares for a cap-and-trade program in 2015.

B.C. plans to promote carbon taxes, among other green initiatives
The Globe and Mail
British Columbia will ratchet up pressure on provinces and other jurisdictions in North America to adopt a B.C.-style carbon tax, the Christy Clark government says.

Japan’s High-Cost Renewable Energy Curbs Subsidy Impact
Japan must cut the cost of installing solar panels and wind turbines to take full advantage of clean energy incentives three times as generous as those in Germany and Sweden, an official at the energy foundation set up by billionaire Masayoshi Son said.

New York Energy Week
New York, NY
June 24 -28

Converge Paris
Sustainable Energy Tech Conference
Paris, France
June 24-28

EMA’s 17th Annual Meeting
September 25-27, 2013
Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, NV


German Carbon Dealers Create One-Stop Forest-Carbon Shop For Buyers Across Europe
Ecosystem Marketplace
Forest Carbon Group and Forest Finance Group have decided to pool their sales operations to market their forestry-based emission-reduction projects to commercial and private customers across Europe, with a portfolio of products verified under the Gold Standard and the Verified Carbon Standard.

ENVI supports ETS backloading decision
At a meeting on Wednesday (19 June) ENVI tabled several amendments to the EU Emission Trading System (ETS) proposal, to include ‘stricter conditions’.
Natural Gas/Coal/Alternative Fuels
Goldman-Backed $18 Billion Oil Rush Divides Merkel’s Backyard
Chancellor Angela Merkel’s election district is perched on a sea of oil that was once top secret and now promises a 13.5 billion-euro ($18 billion) windfall for one of Germany’s poorest states, according to the company drilling test wells.

Methane found in drinking water near natural gas wells -study
Elevated levels of methane, ethane and propane gases were found in drinking water wells in Pennsylvania, close to operations that shake natural gas loose from underground shale formations in a process known as fracking, scientists reported on Monday.

Texas’ Next Big Oil Rush
The Wall Street Journal
New pipelines are beginning to carry a glut of domestic crude from the middle of the country to Texas’ Gulf Coast, boosting the fortunes of the area’s big refineries and further fueling a decline in oil imports.


Shanghai Aerospace to Invest 1.3 Billion Yuan in Solar Projects
Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co. (600151), a maker of car air conditioners and solar-power parts, plans to invest 1.3 billion yuan ($211 million) to develop three solar power projects in China’s northwestern province of Gansu.

Enel GP agrees $100 mln loan with BBVA to fund Mexico investments
Italy’s biggest renewable energy company Enel Green Power said on Monday it had agreed a loan of $100 million with BBVA to help fund investments in Mexico.

Kerry Sees Breakthrough in Civil Nuclear Supply to India
The Wall Street Journal
Westinghouse Electric Co. will sign an agreement by September with state-owned Nuclear Power Corp. of India to supply civil nuclear technology to India, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday.

Tax Programs to Finance Clean Energy Catch On
The New York Times
Over the years, as Rick Murphy helped expand his family’s auto business in Edina, Minn., outside Minneapolis, he wanted to install solar panels to cut the electricity bills, but the upfront cost was too high.


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