In today’s edition, the appeals court ruling to uphold EPA greenhouse gas gets broad coverage, including from Bloomberg. Nat gas markets coverage includes this piece from The Wall Street Journal:
“For Energy Producers, Natural Gas May Not Be the Only Source of a Glut.” And, The New York Times offers: “A Novel Way to Clean Wastewater.”

Quote of the Day:

“As long as renewables have zero margin costs, the market design we have doesn’t work. Capacity markets could be a solution.”

Jens Teresniak, team manager for business development and market analysis at Stadtwerke Leipzig, in Bloomberg’s “Renewables Make German Power Market Design Defunct, Utility Says”

Lead Stories

EPA Greenhouse-Gas Rules Upheld by U.S. Appeals Court
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was “unambiguously correct” in moving to set limits on industrial and automotive emissions of greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide, a federal appeals court said.
**RKB – More coverage on court ruling in Carbon section.

For Energy Producers, Natural Gas May Not Be the Only Source of a Glut
The Wall Street Journal
Energy producers struggling with decade-low natural-gas prices have been relying on related fuels such as ethane, propane and butane to remain profitable.
**RKB – Here’s one way to look at it: For a while, NGLs were “the ‘good roommate’—paying the rent so gas can live for free, generating little return while eating Doritos and watching ‘Price is Right,’ ” Tudor Pickering analysts joked in a recent report. This article suggests that roommate is now drinking straight from the milk carton.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar Says U.S. Needs Federal Fracking Rules
The Huffington Post
Critics of new fracking rules “simply wrong” – Salazar. Oil production offshore Alaska still years away – Salazar By Balazs Koranyi KRISTIN OIL AND GAS PLATFORM, NORWEGIAN SEA, June 25 – Defending the Obama Administration’s drive for federal regulation of fracking, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar said on Monday that the United States must toughen up its rules.

Professors argue against fracking
Hydraulic fracturing to access natural gas should be slowed and eventually stopped, two Cornell University professors said during briefings for U.S. lawmakers.
**RKB – API, for its part: “Hydraulic fracturing is a game changer for the United States,” said Reid Porter, with the American Petroleum Institute, “It [Ingraffea’s work] is full of contradictions.”

Renewables Make German Power Market Design Defunct, Utility Says
Electricity generation from renewable energy in Germany is reducing power prices and has left the country with a market whose design no longer works, according to Stadtwerke Leipzig GmbH.

Deforestation and Food Demand
Brett Smith for Informed decisions on land use will be the key to not only carbon emissions control, but to keeping food affordable, a new MIT study said. Using an “integrated global system model, a team of researchers led by John Reilly analyzed the effects of deforestation and land-use choices on both agriculture and carbon capture.

A Novel Way to Clean Wastewater
The New York Times
Seven years ago, Paul Edmiston was working in his laboratory on a potential way to detect the presence of explosives. By accident, he created a material that acted as a powerful sponge that could absorb small organic compounds like gasoline, motor oil, and pesticides  dissolved in water.

Watershed Payment Programs: Scaling Up By Staying Simple
Ecosystem Marketplace
Streams and rivers that originate high in the mountains irrigate cities and towns across the world, but encroaching population and increasing pollution jeopardize many mountain watersheds, raising the question -– what will happen to these communities if their upland water suppliers aren’t fit to supply them.

Tariffs on Solar-Gear Imports From China Raised by U.S.
The U.S. Commerce Department determined that Chinese solar-product imports should be subject to additional tariffs to offset government subsidies, according to an agency document.
Sir David King: quantitative easing should be aimed at green economy
The Guardidan                            
The UK’s former chief scientific adviser argued for the greening of the UK’s infrastructure, and a more efficient use of resources                     


Responsible Business Summit
June 27 -28, 2012, New York

Carbon Forum North America
October 1-2, 2012
Washington, DC

Sustainability Summit – Innovation Challenge
October 9, 2012
New York


Federal court upholds Obama EPA’s climate change regulations
The Hill
A federal appeals court has upheld Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) greenhouse gas regulations, a victory for the Obama administration that’s also sure to inflame election-year political battles over the White House green agenda.

Senior Republican, after court ruling, revives call to scuttle EPA climate rules
The Hill
A top House Republican is using Tuesday’s court decision that upheld EPA’s climate regulations to launch fresh calls for action on GOP legislation that would nullify EPA’s authority to limit greenhouse gases.

What are greenhouse gases and how much are emitted by the United States?
EIA Energy in Brief
Greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun and warm the planet’s surface. Of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, the majority are related to energy consumption, and most of those are carbon dioxide. From 1990 to 2011, energy-related carbon dioxide emissions in the United States increased by about 0.4% per year. The United States produced about 18% of the world’s total energy-related carbon dioxide in 2010 — the last year for which comparable data are available.  

Bill that reforms RGGI becomes law
Concord Monitor
State still enrolled in energy program Gov. John Lynch let a bill become law over the weekend that reforms New Hampshire’s involvement in a regional cap-and-trade program, a move that disappointed environmental activists who say it halves energy efficiency funding generated by the multi-state compact.

Plans for carbon-capture power station abandoned
The Guardian
Controversial plans to build a major coal-fired power station in Ayrshire using unproven “clean coal” technology have been abandoned, to the delight of environmental campaigners.

Natural Gas/Coal

Encana Expands in Michigan Shale Chesapeake Is Abandoning
Encana Corp. , which is probing allegations it colluded to rig land auctions in Michigan, has been expanding in the state’s burgeoning shale-exploration region after one-time rival Chesapeake Energy Corp. decided to quit the area.

The Fraser Institute: Manitoba Ranked as Best Canadian Jurisdiction for Oil and Gas Investment Followed by Saskatchewan and Alberta in New Global Survey
Press Release
Manitoba is the best place in Canada for oil and gas investment, based on the opinions of petroleum executives and managers who participated in the annual Global Petroleum Survey released today by the Fraser Institute, Canada’s leading public policy think-tank.

Despite Spills, Enbridge Pushes For More Oil Sands Pipelines
Last week Canadian pipeline giant Enbridge suffered a leak on its Athabasca pipeline that carries 350,000 barrels of crude from the Alberta oil sands region over the border into the United States. Roughly 1,400 barrels of oil escaped the line in a rural area. The oil is being cleaned up. Harder to clean up: the reputational damage to a company that tries to depict pipelines as a safe and effective way to get Canada’s oil sands crude to market.

Natural Gas for Vehicles Could Use U.S. Support
The New York Times
The fuel is cheap and plentiful. But there is little infrastructure to deliver it to users, and so there is little demand for equipment to use it.


German Solar-Power Subsidy Cuts Deal to Be Announced Tomorrow
Germany’s federal government and its 16 states reached a compromise agreement on cuts to solar subsidies in the world’s biggest market.

India Looks to Solar Electricity to Power Remote Villages
Meerwada has long hewed to the sun’s schedule. The village of 400 in central India’s Madhya Pradesh state lies 70 km from the nearest town, and until last year it was not supplied with power. Daily chores were completed between sunrise and sunset, or else by the light of polluting kerosene lamps. “Our village has never had electricity,” says Daulat Ram, Meerwada’s village head. “We struggled without it.”


What’s Wrong With RIN Markets?
Renewable Energy World
Renewable fuel producers have benefited from a variety of different federal incentives over the years. While Congress debates extending biofuel tax credits, one market-based mechanism has stepped onto center stage: Renewable Identification Numbers, or RINs.

Christie expected to sign solar energy bill to bolster weak demand for credits
Bloomberg/The Star-Ledger
Under the state’s current renewable-energy standard, utilities must obtain 20.4 percent of all their power from renewable sources by mid-2021.


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National Renewable Energy Laboratory

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WWF/Greenpeace/Oko Institut (Posted June 11, 2012)

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Vulnerability of US and European electricity supply to climate change (Posted June 4, 2012)
Nature Climate Change

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