In this edition, the latest on carbon developments in the airline industry and the impetus it may have on a global target. Plus, two op-ed pieces on China with a nod toward energy developments, one on CNBC, the other from The New York Times. Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports Fair Climate Fix Gives U.S. Three Times Effort Assigned to China. And, in gas coverage, British Columbia Opposes Planned Oil Sands Pipeline, reports The New York Times, which also posted Some in Europe Are Rethinking Opposition to Fracking.

Quote of the Day:

“We may not agree with every ingredient to bake into this cake but we agree that it’s time to bake the cake. The fact that the industry is saying ‘this can be done this September’ . . . really puts the spotlight on whether governments will get into the kitchen and get it done.”

–Annie Petsonk of the Environmental Defense Fund in Reuters’ “Airline industry carbon proposal may help save U.N. deal”

Lead Stories

Airlines agree on plan to offset emissions
Global airlines have agreed on a proposal for tackling aircraft emissions in a bid to break international deadlock over an issue that has stoked fears of a carbon trade war.
**RKB — Additional coverage in Carbon section.

Exclusive: Ex-head of clean energy loan program breaks silence
Fortune/CNN Money
Jonathan Silver was hired in November 2009 to run the U.S. Department of Energy’s $34 billion loan guarantee program, which was started under President Bush but super-charged under President Obama as part of the economic stimulus.
**RKB– Range of questions, including role of private equity and venture capital involvement.

Japan Set to Overtake Germany as World’s Largest Solar Market
Japan is set to overtake Germany as the world’s largest solar market by annual installations this year as government incentives to encourage clean energy after the Fukushima nuclear crisis attract investment.
**RKB — From the article: The outlook from Bloomberg New Energy Finance revises the lower end of a forecast by the London-based researcher, which earlier called for Japan to install 6.1 gigawatts to 9.4 gigawatts of capacity. Based on the most conservative estimates, BNEF previously said China would edge out Japan as the world’s largest market this year.

China Urged to Take Bigger Role in Regulating Energy Markets
China, consuming about half the world’s coal supply to produce power, must play a greater role in regulating global energy markets and climate protection, according to the World Energy Council’s secretary general.

Fair Climate Fix Gives U.S. Three Times Effort Assigned to China
An equitable fix to climate change would assign the U.S. almost three times the effort of cutting carbon dioxide output as China, which in 2006 became the biggest emitter, research by the Stockholm Environment Institute suggests.

Commentary: Why We Need to Help the Chinese Frack
Surging energy poses a great opportunity to human well-being, particularly that of the developing world. But surging energy also poses a threat to our climate. The burning of fossil fuels has led to a rise in carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas, to a level not seen in the prior 20 million years, and realistic projections show that a rapid increase is likely to continue. Fear of the expected global warming is leading to desperate and perhaps even panic-triggered action, including the delay of the Keystone pipeline in the U.S., cancellation of coal to oil conversion projects and the stall of shale gas development in Europe.
**RKB — Contributor Richard Muller is a physics professor at University of California at Berkeley and senior scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.

Commentary: How to Play Well With China
The New York Times
New sources of friction are constantly appearing in the relationship between the United States and China: trade disputes, tension over North Korea, debates over curbing carbon emissions, allegations of cyberattacks by China.
Having survived re-election, President Obama can shrug off charges of appeasement and treat a rising China with the care it deserves. China, with its leadership transition, has a fresh start, too.


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Airline industry carbon proposal may help save U.N. deal
A proposal agreed to this week by major airlines could rescue U.N. efforts for a deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation sector, but the industry still needs to lean on governments for the plan to move ahead, industry observers said.

Pressure Intensifies on Cameron for Earlier Carbon Target
More than 300 lawmakers favor an earlier target to cut pollution in the U.K. than Prime Minister David Cameron is proposing, Friends of the Earth said, adding to the risk the government loses a vote on the matter today.

Natural Gas/Coal/Alternative Fuels

US shale gas to lead to lower oil prices
Financial Times
The US shale gas revolution “virtually guarantees” the end of oil’s monopoly as a transport fuel paving the way for lower crude prices, according to Ed Morse, the commodities guru at Citi famed for calling the peak of the oil market in 2008.

British Columbia Opposes Planned Oil Sands Pipeline
The New York Times
A pipeline for exporting oil sands bitumen to Asia-bound tankers was dealt a severe blow on Friday when the province of British Columbia urged a federal review panel to reject the $6 billion plan.

Climate Benefits From Natural Gas Seen Hinging on Plugging Leaks
Leaks in the production and delivery of natural gas threaten to undermine the benefits to the climate from expanded use of the fuel in manufacturing, transportation and appliances such as heaters, according to a report.

Fracking Tests Ties Between California ‘Oil and Ag’ Interests
The New York Times
SHAFTER, Calif. — Scattered on either side of Shafter Avenue just north of the town center here, new oil pump jacks, some bobbing and others thrusting, tower above this corner of California’s prime farmland.

Some in Europe Are Rethinking Opposition to Fracking
The New York Times
In oil-rich parts of Texas, hydraulic fracturing has almost become a way of life. Drilling rigs and pumping equipment pepper the landscape, and enormous trucks carrying oil field supplies rumble down narrow, dusty roads.

Biofuels: US steers bumpy course to green fuel
Financial Times
In February this year, a US appeals court handed down its verdict in a case brought by the American Petroleum Institute against the Environmental Protection Agency. The API had argued that the government agency overestimated the volume of cellulosic ethanol – a second-generation biofuel made from feedstocks that are not part of the human food chain – available on the market in 2012.

UK, EU biofuels targets should be revised, UK lawmakers say
Britain should revise its renewable transport fuel target and push the European Union to change its renewable energy goal to limit the use of unsustainable food-based biofuels, a committee of UK lawmakers said on Tuesday.


U.S. Approves 520 Megawatts of Solar, Geothermal Energy Projects
The U.S. approved three renewable-energy projects to be built on federal land in Arizona and Nevada.

Suzlon Unit Wins 26-Megawatt Wind Turbine Order in France
REpower Systems SE, the German unit of India’s Suzlon Energy Ltd. (SUEL), won an order to supply 26 megawatts of turbines for two wind farms in France.

Sumitomo to Build Three Solar Stations in Japan With SMBC Loans
Sumitomo Corp. (8053), a Japanese trading company, will build three solar power stations in Japan with a combined capacity of 49 megawatts.

Portland General Electric to Buy Washington Wind Energy Project
Portland General Electric Co. (POR), a utility that serves about 800,000 customers in northwest Oregon, agreed to buy a wind farm under development in Washington State that’s expected to cost as much as $535 million.

Offshore wind: Latest generation of farms raises optimism
Financial Times
At the official opening of the Robin Rigg wind farm, off the southwest coast of Scotland, an engineer happened to mention that the operation was managing 99 per cent capture of the available energy.

Biomass: Wood pellets muscle in on old role of coal
Financial Times
Drax, the UK power supplier, is pushing ahead with what is shaping up to be a huge bet on biomass.


Environmentalists Unite in Quest to Fight Global Warming
National Journal
The nation’s environmental leaders are mounting a double battle against global warming, and they see President Obama’s remaining time in the White House as critical in winning both of them.

Environmentalists’ Complaint Exposes Rift Between ‘Green’ Certification Groups
The New York Times
The legal watchdogs at the Federal Trade Commission have been trying to police the proliferating — and often false — claims in recent years that products are “green” or “environmentally friendly.”

Commentary: The climate change guilt trip
The Los Angeles Times
A friend recently returned from a camping trip in the Sierra Nevada. His eyes shone as he described the opalescent sky, the vitality of wildlife in spring and the fun he’d had playing with his two young daughters during the mellow evenings. It had been a really good trip, an experience to treasure, he said.


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