Jürg Spillmann has led the technology revolution in the derivatives industry for 25 years. Now that he is stepping down from his post as deputy CEO at Eurex and into retirement, Spillmann says derivatives markets still have a solid future ahead.

Spillmann says the market environment and the slew of new regulations have been difficult for the derivatives markets, but futures products will remain a key financial instrument.

“I still believe that the futures and derivatives products that we provide are safe with the clearing house attached to it,” Spillmann said. “There’s a future for the products we offer.”

Spillmann is deputy CEO of Eurex and has served on its executive board since 1997. But his days in the derivatives technology space date back to 1988 at SOFFEX, the Swiss Options and Financial Futures Exchange, where he rose to become chief information officer. He worked there until 1995 when SOFFEX merged with Germany’s Deutsche Terminborse (DTB), which created Eurex. Eurex, the first fully-electronic futures exchange rose to become the largest derivatives exchange in the world and currently ranks second in terms of volume globally, behind the CME Group.

The goal for Eurex, he said, is to expand the asset classes with forex products, variance futures products as well as a slew of other OTC products.

“They are well understood,” Spillmann said. “I don’t know if the volumes will come back like the good ole days, that we just have continuous growth all the time. But I believe that the derivatives products for hedging, and providing hedges for business strategies will be well-used in the future as well.”

For Spillmann, his next chapter in life involves the tech-light sport of skiing from his home in San Moritz, Switzerland.

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