Photography is the art of capturing a moment.

John Rizzo has been doing just that for years as the photographer for the FIA Expo events in Chicago. He spoke with John Lothian at Expo about how he learned photography as well as about his photo tours to Africa and Asia. Rizzo has taken photographers of all skill levels to exotic locales such as Tanzania, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia to teach individuals about culture and skill of taking a great photo.

A picture of John Rizzo's from a Maasai village

Here is one a picture of John Rizzo’s from a Maasai village. This is a ceremonial headdress they wear made from ostrich feathers. The man was 6 feet tall and the headdress was 3 feet.

So Rizzo has been educating budding photographers for years by taking groups on the road to faraway lands.

A photojournalist who has worked with Newsweek, LA Times, Washington Post and the FIA Magazine and its conferences for years, Rizzo says he’s learned the art of photography. Rizzo said cameras today are better than ever, and take great shots. The problem, he says, is that most people don’t know how to do that.

“We break it down for the them and show them how to use the camera,” he said. “How to use light and then they immediately use it right in the field.”

“We get inside,” Rizzo said. “These aren’t tourist photos. Not only do these tours give you a once in a lifetime experience, but you also come away being a much better photographer.”

The key, he says is shooting lots and lots of pictures to capture that one unbelievable moment. His favorite is of three warrior boys in Ethiopia who were looking a noise below the ridge they were guarding.

“People say, “How do you get these pictures?” Pictures are always there, you just have to work really hard to find it,” Rizzo said. “It’s perseverance.”

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