“When I worked at Lehman, periodically people would tell me that I looked like Dick Fuld, and I thought that was pretty cool, especially when I was rising up in the ranks. I don’t find that amusing anymore.”

The fall of Lehman Brothers ushered in a period of regulatory change, with one of the goals being to trim the use of OTC swaps and instead have more centrally cleared products. Given the huge size of that market – at the end of 2014 there was $400 trillion notional outstanding – this regulatory shift presented an opportunity.

That’s where Eris Exchange stepped in. Eris is the name of the largest known dwarf planet and also the Greek goddess of strife and discord — a relevant reference given the tumult that birthed the platform. In this video Kevin Wolf, chief business and product development officer with Eris, tells how the exchange took advantage of the regulatory shift and developed a futures contract that simulates OTC swaps.

While it can be frustrating that there are so many missing details in regulations, remember that the shifting sands of compliance also open doors that did not previously exist.

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