“You’re going to reinvent yourself your whole career. It’s not just a one-step thing. You may start off in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and become a regulatory lawyer years later.”

When Kristin Boggiano was finishing college, she admittedly had no clue what she wanted to do. So when she got an opportunity to spend three weeks in the jungles of Ecuador working with indigenous tribes, she jumped at the chance. When she returned, she still had no conclusions, except that she really enjoyed indoor plumbing, air conditioning and American food.

What she has come to understand, however, is the value of a network, which is why she founded Women in Derivatives (WIND), which attracts, educates and mentors female leaders in the financial industry.

Boggiano also understands that the key to finding one’s place in the industry is to follow the demand. While that may mean fewer traders and brokers in today’s financial world, it also means more specialists in operations, technology, risk management, compliance, and law.

But it wouldn’t hurt to swing by Ecuador, just to check it out.

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