It was not that long ago in my career that workmen would set up a huge circus tent on LaSalle Street in front of the Federal Reserve and Continental Bank Building in the summer, driving huge 2 foot stakes into the asphalt street.  It was not the circus that was in town, but rather the LaSalle Street Boy Scout dinner.

These days the dinner is a more casual affair held indoors, but the goal of the dinner remains the same.  The goal is to raise money to help support the Boy Scouts of the Chicago Council of Boy Scouts of America.

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The Chicago Council is not my Boy Scout Council, but it is a very important one with unique challenges that deserves your support.  We all know the problem Chicago has with gangs and gang related shootings.  We read about the shootings and murders in parts of Chicago where the loss of life exceeds that of U.S. service member losses in Afghanistan.

This is exactly why Boy Scouts in Chicago needs your support.  We need to grow this program to be a strong alternative to young boys becoming gang members.  We need the values and strengths of the scouting program to help grow young boys into citizens of exceptional character, physical fitness and mental alertness.  Give them the experience of scouting and they will have the character to say no to gangs.

We need to invest in young people and help them find the strengths and values to overcome the the obstacles of their environment.

Not all scouts or potential scouts live in bad neighborhoods of Chicago, but it is in these troubled neighborhood that the scouting program is needed the most.  So help make Chicago better, safer and friendly by attending the LaSalle Street After Hours Event, or by contributing directly to the Chicago Council of Boy Scouts of America.  Leave your mark on LaSalle Street by supporting Boy Scouts.

LaSalle Street After Hours Event
Date: Thursday, November 14, 2013
Time: 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Location: The Atrium of 311 South Wacker, Chicago, IL 60606

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