Dear John, Clients, Colleagues and Friends, 

As some of you know, my life changed in an instant last fall when I suffered a stroke (while I was preparing for my usual September Saturday morning of picking up Dunkin Donuts and heading to the office.)  Over the weeks and months, I have been steadily recovering while engaged in a rehabilitation program through RIC.  I am in therapy 21 hours per week, plus homework.  Actually, I am counting this email as 3 hours of speech therapy.  Throughout the process, I have been blessed by the outpouring of support and prayers from my family, friends, colleagues and clients, and I am truly appreciative of it all.  The Financial Services community has a great heart and has always been good to me.  Words cannot truly express how much it has meant to me and family, so thank you to all of you.

My initial goal was to be back in action for this tax season, but the process has been slower than I anticipated, and I now hope to return to work this summer.  I miss all the action that tax season brings, but am looking forward to an actual spring break for once in 40 years.  While I remain out, I am communicating with Brian Blacklaw, Dan Wall , Stan Kot and other members of the team who are continuing to service clients in my absence.  Should you need anything from me or have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to them.  I look forward to returning to the office and getting life back to normal. 

Every stroke is different, and my stroke includes aphasia.  My aphasia affects my speech and writing, but not my understanding of your speech and writing.   Although I would love to talk or email all of you individually, the aphasia makes that hard, so please be patient.  This is getting better by leaps and bounds so I hope I can talk to all of you soon.

Very truly yours,

Harlan Ten Pas
Partner, Financial Services
McGladrey LLP

One South Wacker Drive, Suite 800, Chicago, IL 60606
P: 312-634-4605    F: 312-634-5517



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