London Summer Intern Education Series Postponed

Jun 24, 2014

Fall Date Eyed to Reschedule

John Lothian News is postponing our planned London Summer Intern Education Series. The simple truth is we did not have enough interns sign up for the July 1 and 2 dates. We are looking to reschedule the series for later in fall, after interns and other students have returned to classes.

We regret having to take this step, but are focused on delivering a high quality event series to the largest audience we can assemble.

Besides rescheduling, we are also dropping the admission charge for the London events. Now the event will be free to interns, students and newer employees interested in the financial services and capital markets industries.

We thank CME Group for their continued sponsorship of this event.

If you are interested in our London events this fall, please fill out this form.

For further information on our London event series and our postponement, please contact John Lothian at

Chicago Series Update

We are still proceeding with our Chicago Summer Intern Education Series and are pleased to announce we have secured the auditorium at the Stuart School of Business at the Illinois Institute of Technology as the venue for the complete series.

The Chicago Series will begin on Tuesday July 29, followed by Thursday July 31. We will also have sessions on August 5, 7 & 8. Following the last session, we will have a social event at a nearby location.

Speakers for the Chicago Summer Intern Education Series feature:

Ed Tilly, CEO CBOE
Tony McCormick, CEO BOX
Jim McNulty, ICE Board Member
Steve Brodsky, CEO Spot Trading
Terry Duffy, President and Executive Chairman CME Group
Julie Holzrichter, Senior Managing Director CME Group
Donnie Roberts, TD Ameritrade
Steve Crutchfield, CEO NYSE AMEX
Jamie Farmer, DJ Indexes
Don Wilson, DRW
Ethan Kahn, Wolverine
Chris Hehmeyer, KCG

We are also pleased to announce the pricing for the Chicago Summer Intern Education Series.

The complete series will be $100 per participant, a drop of $20 from last year. The cost of a single event will be $30. The cost of multiple events will be $25 per event per participant. Lastly, any firm sending 10 or more interns to the whole series gets a 50% discount, or $50 per intern for the whole series.

There are two easy ways to sign up. The first is for individual sign ups for the complete series or individual dates. The second is for firms to directly sign up their interns for the complete series.

For payment, we will be sending out electronic invoices.
Individual Sign Up Form
Employer Sign Up Form

Please contact John Lothian at with any questions about the Summer Intern Education Series. We are seeking sponsors for our Chicago event.

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