Key derivatives industry executives take on a 36 mile slog for Futures for Kids

Some thirty London-based futures industry executives will ‘walk to work’ tomorrow from Tunbridge Wells to the City of London. Not that they’ll get much done when they arrive, exhausted and footsore at about 6pm in the evening.

The brainchild of a couple of industry executives, Tony Foreman of Progress Apama and Simon Vincent of Flextrade, the FFK Walk to Work is raising funds for three children’s charities with a mix of local, regional and international coverage – Demelza House, Hope HIV and Everychild.
Instead of spending the time pontificating about straight through processing, latency or the ‘flash crash’ during one daily commute from Tunbridge Wells Tony and Simon challenged each other to walk to work in the City. They approached Futures for Kids who agreed to put the event together along with their charities and the Walk to Work was born. The inaugural walk will take place tomorrow, Friday May 20th.

Several industry luminaries have joined the team including FFK’s chairman, Bill Templer, Morgan Stanley ; Anthony Belchambers, CEO of the Futures and Options Association; Ferdinand Peelen of Nasdaq OMX and OSTC’s Jonny Aucamp and Rob Brophy.
Other industry organisations are supporting the Walk with RTS Realtime Systems supplying Tee Shirts for all the entrants and Eurex sponsoring the checkpoints and refreshment stops.

In addition to the 36 mile hike starting at 6am at Tunbridge Wells there are also ‘joining points’ at Dunton Green (20 miles) and Chislehurst (11 miles). The team hope to be striding (or limping) through Canary Wharf between 5 and 6 pm and entering the City shortly afterwards, hopefully collecting more donations on the way.

The FFK team has now raised almost £30k in pledges and anybody wishing to contribute can select their favourite futures industry characters at

Or make a donation to the team as a whole at

Contacts – David Setters 07710 271291/Emma Davey 0207 090 1348

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