Lost your bitcoin password? Call in the crypto-hunters

Jeff Bergstrom

Jeff Bergstrom


Lost your bitcoin password? Call in the crypto-hunters; About $25bn worth of bitcoin is floating out there in the ether, lost or ‘probably lost’
Hannah Murphy – Financial Times
Three-and-a-half years ago, Roger Ver, a bitcoin evangelist so vocal in his support for the cryptocurrency that he was nicknamed the Bitcoin Jesus, showed me how to set up my own online bitcoin wallet. He rounded off his demonstration by giving me £5 worth of the currency. One day, he said, my holdings would be worth more than £1,000.

Coinbase Says It Was Wrong About SEC Approval of Acquisitions
Lily Katz – Bloomberg
Coinbase Inc., which on Monday said it got the green light from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to move forward with a trio of acquisitions, now says it never got such an endorsement.

IBM Is Helping Launch a Price-Stable Crypto With FDIC-Insured Funds
Marc Hochstein and Ian Allison – Coindesk
The latest attempt to create a cryptocurrency pegged to the U.S. dollar, or “stablecoin,” combines 21st-century technology with an invention from the Great Depression.

The economics of blockchains
Markus K Brunnermeier, Joseph Abadi – VOX
Cryptocurrencies and the underlying distributed ledger technology have exploded into public consciousness over the last few years, with devotees insisting that the technology will revolutionise financial transactions and ownership data. This column identifies a ‘blockchain trilemma’ whereby no ledger can fully satisfy the three desirable properties of decentralisation, correctness, and cost-efficiency. It further explains how distributed ledgers enhance competition but introduce costs above and beyond the well-known electricity costs.

After Scandal and Death, Two Alpine Banks Target Crypto Gold
Hugo Miller and Patrick Winters – Bloomberg
Falcon, Frick target bitcoin brokers and own private clients; ‘Crypto Valley is almost unbanked,’ says Falcon’s desk head
Walk into Falcon Private Bank on the Pelikanstrasse in central Zurich and you’re immediately struck by the giant photo of a woman crouched in the sprinter’s starting position, painted head-to-toe in gold.

W. Va. Blockchain Experiment Could Be the Future of U.S. Voting
Jen A. Miller – ThirtyK
With the U.S. election process shown to be vulnerable to hacking during the 2016 presidential race, West Virginia could be leading the way to prevent a repeat in the 2018 midterms.
In May, the Mountain State became the first to allow voting by blockchain when it allowed overseas servicemen, servicewomen and their spouses from two of the state’s counties to cast ballots in the state’s primary using the Voatz app. Officials are now saying the program likely will be expanded to the entire state for the November general election.

Cryptos Push Korea’s Financial Regulator to Consider Restructuring
Marin Marinov – Cryptovest
South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) has revealed a plan for restructuring in a bid to foresee market changes and safeguard investors from the challenges that new financial technologies like cryptocurrencies pose. The organizational reshuffle includes a new body that will issue recommendations related to virtual coins as well as a mega-department that will supervise all financial sectors.

Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service Now Available for All Potential Clients
Anatol Antonovici – Cryptovest
US tech corporation Oracle announced on Monday that its Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service has become available for all clients. The move follows months of system testing by early adopters. Businesses and organizations can now use the solution to develop blockchain networks that ensure secure and seamless transactions and would allow streamlining processes in the supply chain. Oracle’s blockchain system is already used by several companies, such as Indian Oil, MTO, Arab Jordan Investment Bank, TradeFin, CargoSmart, Neurosoft, Certified Origins, Intelipost, and Nigeria Customs.

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