“We are also working and in close contact with the clearinghouse, because one of the key elements in developing derivatives markets now and probably in the time to come is post-trade efficiency.”

The LSE bought Borsa Italiana in 2007. Nicolas Bertrand, the LSE’s head of derivatives, says in the past three years the exchange saw double digit volume growth with increasing support from international participants in the FTSE MIB futures complex. In Q3 2017, Borsa Italiana will extend its trading hours with the goal of capturing even more international order flow.

The recent success of Borsa Italiana has translated to its “sister market” in London, the London Stock Exchange Derivatives Market (LSEDM). The LSEDM thus far has witnessed upticks in its FTSE 100 weekly options, increased demand for its International Order Book (IOB) options — the core offering — and some new activity in Turkish index trading.

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