“The JSE, for eight years in a row now, was rated number one, two or three in the world by the World Economic Forum for the quality of financial market regulation.”

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange is in the process of adjusting much of its infrastructure. It already transitioned from T+5 settlement to T+3 settlement (with no failed trades thus far); the derivatives trading technology is being replatformed; Cinnober is supplying a new clearing system that will be live at the start of 2018; and London Stock Exchange Group’s MTS is playing a role in revamping bond trading on JSE.

Looking ahead, CEO Nicky Newton-King said there are three general goals she has for the exchange. One, she wants to help lift the general sophistication of market participants by sharing information and building the necessary financial skillsets. Two, JSE is focused on providing access to its capital markets to top African issuers. There shouldn’t be a need to go to London to raise capital when they can stay on the continent. And third, she sees potential for people to use their existing connectivity to JSE to route orders to local markets.

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