In this edition, Jeremy Rifkin weighs in. Meanwhile, Biggest Solar Collapse in China Imperils $1.28 Billion, reports Bloomberg. And, Republicans warn ethanol mandate could drive surge in gasoline, says Reuters.


Quote of the Day:

“Do not make the mistake that President Obama made. He wanted a green economy – he still does – but it didn’t happen because he spent billions of dollars on standalone pilot projects: advanced projects for a supergrid in one state, a solar factory in another state, a batteries factory in a third state, all unconnected silos.”

–Jeremy Rifkin, climate analyst, in EurActiv’s “Jeremy Rifkin warns Europe: Don’t repeat Obama’s mistakes”

Lead Stories

Jeremy Rifkin warns Europe: Don’t repeat Obama’s mistakes
A leading climate analyst and adviser to world governments has warned the EU that its environmental goals will become meaningless unless the bloc learns from US President Barack Obama’s mistakes, and makes a supergrid the ‘nervous system’ of its energy policy.

US Cap and Trade Growing, May Hit $2 Billion By 2020

The Energy Collective blog
The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) held its 19th auction of CO2 allowances late last week, selling nearly 38 million allowances at a clearing price of $2.80 and generating $105.9 million in revenue. 88% of permits were purchased by electricity generators and their corporate affiliates.

**RKB — Blogger is clean energy PR exec Silvio Marcacci.

EU Lawmaker Sees No Carbon Fix Compromise Before Vote


Political groups in the European Parliament will not propose a new compromise solution on a draft carbon market fix before the full assembly vote scheduled for next month, according to lawmaker Eija-Riitta Korhola.

German insurers urge easing green energy investment rules


Germany’s insurers want politicians and regulators to ease rules restricting their ability to invest in renewable energy and infrastructure, insurance trade body GDV said on Wednesday.


Navigating the American Carbon World (NACW) 2013

San Francisco April 16-18


China to build unified low-carbon certification system

People’s Daily/Xinhua

China will build a unified certification system for low-carbon products as part of its efforts to boost the consumption of green goods, according to the country’s top economic planner.

Nelson opts not to buy carbon offsets for 2012

Nelson Star

Nelson City Council isn’t sold on the idea of buying carbon offsets for the green house gas emissions produced through its corporate operations.

Redford denies she called for national carbon tax

Calgary Herald

Under fire from the opposition parties over carbon tax comments, Premier Alison Redford said Tuesday she is not calling for a national carbon levy.

Natural Gas/Coal/Alternative Fuels

Chevron, Green Groups Agree Set Standards for Shale Gas


Chevron Corp. (CVX) joined natural gas producers and environmental groups to form an independent center that will set standards for drilling by hydraulic fracturing in the U.S. Appalachian region.

Republicans warn ethanol mandate could drive surge in gasoline


Two senior Republican senators on Wednesday joined the oil industry in warning the ethanol mandate could push up gasoline prices for consumers ahead of the summer driving season.

German research institute pulls out of Canadian tar sands project

Germany’s largest and most prestigious research institute has pulled out of a Canadian government-funded CAN$25 million research project into sustainable solutions to tar sands pollution, citing fears for its environmental reputation.

U.K. Sets Tax Breaks to Encourage Shale-Gas Exploration

The Wall Street Journal

LONDON–The U.K. government unveiled a series of proposed tax breaks it hopes will encourage shale-gas exploration and help Europe’s largest consumer of natural gas replicate the North American energy boom.

Japan LNG, Oil Imports Slip but Demand Is Steady

The Wall Street Journal

Japan’s imports of liquefied natural gas and crude oil edged lower in February compared with a year earlier, with the reduction mainly due to the year’s shortest month’s return to 28 days after 2012’s leap year.


Biggest Solar Collapse in China Imperils $1.28 Billion: Energy


Investors stand to lose most of the $1.28 billion they put into Suntech Power Holdings Co. (STP) after the solar manufacturer said it wouldn’t resist a bankruptcy petition filed in China.

NextEra Seeks $45 Million for Solar Project Funding


NextEra Energy Capital Holdings Inc., a unit of Nextera Energy Inc. (NEE), sued banks including Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA over claims it’s owed $45 million in funding obligations related to solar power projects in Spain.

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