IDX was full of goodbyes for Mark Spanbroek, the long-serving chair of the FIA European Principal Traders Group. JLN did not want to be left out and so JLN Correspondent Julie Ros interviewed Spanbroek at FIA’s International Derivatives Week after he had been interviewed on stage by former FT journalist Jeremy Grant.

Spanbroek spoke to Ros about the initial formation of the European Principal Traders Group. He said the EPTG was set up 12 years ago right at IDX after the US Principal Traders Group was already set up by Don Wilson and affiliated with the FIA. Spanbroek said it was a slam dunk to get it done in Europe as well. Spanbroek gave credit to Remco Letterman for helping get the EPTG off the ground. 

He also talked about some of his key insights from his 37-year career as a proprietary trader. Spanbroek spoke about the change from floor trading to electronic trading and how it changed the business and grew the business. 

Spanbroek was asked about what predictions he could share about the future of cash and derivatives trading. He spoke about the challenges of Europe to attract the best companies to list on European exchanges, or then become part of European indexes and the macroeconomic impact of European regulation on capital efficiency. 

He was also asked about what is next for him personally. While Spanbroek is retiring as EPTG chair, he is not retiring overall. He is a chair of a CTA in Rotterdam and he will continue to work with charities, including one focusing on breast cancer research. 

Spanbroek was asked about what trends he is keeping an eye on and he immediately mentioned AI. He also mentioned the Crypto Markets Union in Europe as being something to watch.  

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