Pay it forward. Do something nice for someone because some other person did something nice for you. In the case of MarketsWiki Education, you can pass on your passion for the markets and the underlying industry by sending your interns, your newer employees, or your son or daughter to the event series.

You can help change someone’s life for the better, I promise you. That is the kind of response we have had from some attendees. This response has prompted us expand the program’s reach even farther from its Chicago roots. We will be in Chicago for the fourth straight year, and New York and London again this year, but also Frankfurt and Paris.

The speakers we have lined up are all giving their time freely, not for us, but for the young people to whom they will be speaking. The speakers are paying it forward.

Of course, in my Scouting world this would simply be doing a good deed. “Do a good turn daily” is the Boy Scouts of America slogan. Of course the BSA Scout Oath asks Scouts “to help other people at all times.”

In honor of our event in London, I will mention that the original Scout Promise included the words from Lord Baden Powell:  “I will do my best to help others, whatever it costs me.”

Our cost is modest, just $30 per session for Chicago, or $75 for the whole 3-day series. New York costs $30 for one session or $50 for both. Register HERE.
There is not a better value for an event in the industry. This is not just a $30 or $75 cost, but rather a $30 or $75 investment in the future of our industry and markets.

We are very appreciative to our Global Premier Sponsor, the CME Group, for helping us make this series possible. They are supporting us for the next three years, as is the CBOE for the Chicago, New York and London events. Our other event sponsor for this year’s complete series is The IFM. Sponsoring Chicago and New York is the OCC. Sponsoring the New York events is Nasdaq and sponsoring Chicago is Trading Technologies and are all paying it forward.

If you are thinking of sending us a large number of interns, think about becoming a sponsor. We will include your interns’ event fees in the sponsorship package. You can make an investment in your company and the industry and these young people all at the same time.

MarketsWiki Education’s World of Opportunity is more than paying it forward, it is investing in our industry’s future. Register today.
CME Group - Global Premier Sponsor

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