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John Lothian News is pleased to announce the launch of the MarketsWiki Education microsite (, which will be the home to announcements and information about John Lothian News educational events and videos from the same.

The inaugural entry on the site is a video from last July’s MarketsWiki – World of Opportunity  Intern Education Series featuring the new CEO of Trading Technologies, Rick Lane. Lane was among 31 speakers at last summer’s educational series held at the CME and CBOE in Chicago.

We also have launched a private LinkedIn group called MarketsWiki Education, where we will interact with the participants of our events and post event videos and other career related information. Participants in JLN’s education programs are eligible to participate in the MarketsWiki Scholars program, which offers contests and rewards for editorial contributions to MarketsWiki. We will be announcing additional plans for the scholars program.

We have been asked by our readers and sponsors to do more in the field of education. This is one of our key initiatives in that regard, aimed at students and young professionals seeking knowledge and information about the financial services industry and markets and the opportunities in them.

We are in the process of making plans for this summer’s Intern Education Series, with events in Chicago and London. Details are coming soon.

In the coming days we will be releasing additional videos from last summer’s series, including presentations by Leo Melamed, Bill Brodsky, Terry Duffy and Richard Sandor.

John Lothian News is the news division of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. It is home to, and

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