MarketsWiki crossed the 100 million page view mark yesterday. 100,000,000! Talk about big data!

MarketsWiki is what transformed John J. Lothian & Company, Inc. into a real company with employees, culture and ambition. Before it launched, JJLCO was just me and a deal with Jim Kharouf on the Environmental Markets Newsletter.

From the idea I shared at the FIA Boca Conference in 2007 sprung the platform that would allow JJLCO to utilize the goodwill it had built up and turn that into cash to build MarketsWiki, which now has more than 22,000 pages.

Jon Matte was the first hire and co-founder of MarketsWiki. Jim Kharouf would leave FOW as a freelancer and join JJLCO as editor in chief. The late great Gail Osten, having left the CME Group, would join as a contractor and contribute key content that would land her a job with the CBOE. Sarah Rudolph would leave a freelancer career, after having left SFO Magazine, and join the effort. Jeff Bergstrom, my brother-in-law, was asked to join because I needed all hands on deck. He proved himself invaluable as a technology resource and became CIO of JJLCO. Jessica Darmoni, nee Titlebaum, as a team member came up with the idea of the Page of the Day.

There were many others who contributed, including sponsors and friends. Christine Nielsen, Laura Oatney, Doug Cameron, Ryan Lothian, Doug Ashburn, Ted Naganawa and others were key contributors.

Most recently, MarketsWiki has been averaging about 2.0 to 2.5 million page views per month. We have added many features to the site over the years, including more news content on the front page and integrated in feeds within the site.

Back when it was launched mainstream media was bankrupt both strategically and financially. The iPhone had just come out and there was a tipping point of how people were going to receive information. The industry needed a place to advertise and MarketsWiki has provided that. We are grateful for all the sponsors we have had over the years, which allowed us to build and develop MarketsWiki.

Our challenge now is to keep the site up to date, continue to improve and innovate with it. We are working on improving our analytics and being able to tell our story better and better.

Here’s to the next 100 million page views!

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