Yesterday afternoon we held the culminating event for our MarketsWiki Questions:Exploring Financial Technology interactive video series.  We had a great turnout of industry participants and several dozen graduate students from the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Stuart School of Business.

This style of event, featuring seven speakers and live music was a first for us, and we believe it was a great success.

In fact, I think it was a win, win, win situation as IIT had a great platform to show off their school and explain opportunities for the financial community to tap into their wealth of potential student interns and for the two communities to interact in the networking portion of the event.  Our sponsors received great representation at the event in a very cool multi-media presentation developed by the JohnLothian News team.  

We are grateful to all our sponsors, speakers and participants in the series, particularly as we tried new ideas, techniques and styles in the video series and event.

All our speakers did a great job, and you will be able to see the result yourself next week when we post the video we shot to

Lastly, it was a win for the John Lothian News team as it continues to develop innovative ways to engage the industry; address key issues; and educate the world about our markets, our industry and the products and people in it.  All of the team contributed to the success of this event and they have my gratitude.

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