MarketsWiki Questions: Exploring Financial Technology Brings Important Discussions Directly to Viewers; Chicago-based Event To Follow In October

John Lothian News (JLN) is pleased to announce the launch of and our first interactive video series titled MarketsWiki Questions: Exploring Financial Technology. is the new home of video produced by John Lothian News and in the future will offer aggregated video from around the industry.MarketsWiki Questions marries several different concepts, using a virtual panel discussion format to ask experts in our industry critical questions about: technology, regulation, risk management and finding inefficiencies in the transaction chain. Viewers can choose the answers from a variety of industry participants we’ve interviewed. Those wishing to add their own answers are encouraged to contact JLNto arrange their own video contributions.We have asked the first four questions in the series and will query the readers of this newsletter for the last three questions they want answered. Every three weeks we plan to introduce a new video leading up to an in-person event in October, where individuals will present ideas and solutions to these questions.

“This virtual format is designed to create a dialog among industry participants about issues we all face,” said John J. Lothian, publisher of JLN. “As the series moves forward in the coming weeks, we will not only add more voices to the conversation, but hopefully viewers will be inspired to contribute their ideas and thoughts to the series as well.”

Each question in the series is supported by sponsors as is the October 6 event.  Question 1 is sponsored by Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

JLN is the media division of John J. Lothian & Company, Inc.

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