In this edition, all eyes on the global airline industry and its role in the future of carbon markets. Elsewhere in carbon coverage, Project aims to track big city carbon footprints, reports the AP, while Huffington Post blogs Oh Frack, B.C.’s Carbon Footprint Likely Greater Than Reported.

Correction: A comment in the March 13 E/E incorrectly linked RIN contracts to ISE, the International Securities Exchange. RIN contracts are traded on ICE, the IntercontintentalExchange.

Quote of the Day:

“We could see offset demand from the aviation sector growing to more than 100 megatonnes of CO2 per year by 2020, which would provide a significant boost to the carbon markets. This is more than one quarter of the CERs (Certified Emission Reductions) issued in 2012.”

–PwC auditors in Reuters’ “Airline industry leans toward global carbon offset scheme”

Lead Stories

Airline industry leans toward global carbon offset scheme
Allison Martell and Valerie Volcovici – Reuters
MONTREAL/WASHINGTON – The global airline industry favors offsetting carbon emissions by buying carbon credits rather than participating in an industry-wide cap-and-trade system, the head of the trade association for global airlines said Monday.

It’s not all about CO2: A plan to help reduce short-term climate pollutants
David Roberts –
People are always lamenting the lack of small-scale, practical legislation that can address climate change without getting mired in polarized culture wars. Problem is, when legislators introduce bills like that, they’re often completely ignored. It’s the sexy, controversial stuff that gets attention.

Is Canada’s Oil Too Dirty for Europe?
International Herald Tribune
As the debate over the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline continues in the United States, a Canadian trade delegation is insisting that Canadian oil extracted from tar sands — the product that would be transported by an expanded pipeline — should not be classified as being dirtier than other types of oil.

Ted Turner Taking Coal Funds to Create Solar Odd Couple: Energy
They’re unlikely business partners: a billionaire environmentalist and one of the largest coal-burners in the U.S.

Green goes mainstream in the hunt for yield
Financial Times
It’s not very often you hear the manager of a “green” investing vehicle say that “personally, I am pro-nuclear.” But there again, Stephen Lilley is not your typical dyed-in-the-wool green.

Melting Ice Cap Draws China, Japan to Seek Arctic Riches
Japan, China and South Korea are seeking to expand their influence in the Arctic as melting ice caused by global warming offers potentially lucrative access to resources and shipping shortcuts in the region.

Fewer Rain Forests Mean Less Energy for Developing Nations, Study Finds
The New York Times
The loss of tropical rain forests is likely to reduce the energy output of hydroelectric projects in countries like Brazil that are investing billions of dollars to create power to support economic growth.

Mark Tercek in conversation with Joel Makower
I first met Mark Tercek several years ago when he headed Goldman Sachs’ environmental strategy, a capstone to more than two decades as an investment banker heading various business units for the company. This was pre-economic meltdown — Tercek fortuitously left the firm in 2008 just ahead of the crash — and Goldman still was seen as a pillar of the economy. As such, the fact that Goldman had a Center for Environmental Markets, which Tercek ran, was a bit of a phenomenon.


Navigating Our Water Future: A Course for Industry
Ecolab Chairman Doug Baker
May 16

World Environmental & Water Resources Congress
Cincinnati, Ohio
May 19-23

2013 Rising Seas Summit
Association of Climate Change Officers
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
June 18-20

New York Energy Week
New York, NY
June 24 -28


Project aims to track big city carbon footprints
Every time Los Angeles exhales, odd-looking gadgets anchored in the mountains above the city trace the invisible puffs of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases that waft skyward.

Oh Frack, B.C.’s Carbon Footprint Likely Greater Than Reported
Huff Post Canada
Methane emissions from British Columbia’s natural gas industry are likely at least seven times greater than what’s been reported — blowing numbers in B.C.’s Climate Action Plan out of the water. Natural gas is nearly all methane and since methane is such a powerful climate warming gas these unreported emissions mean the total CO2 equivalent emissions for the entire province are nearly 25 per cent higher than what’s being reported.

Natural Gas/Coal/Alternative Fuels

Clock is ticking, slowly, on rules for coal-fired power plants
Los Angeles Times
On a curve of the Potomac River 37 miles northwest of Washington, the Dickerson power plant has stood sentry over small villages, crop fields and horse farms for more than half a century.

New Fracking Rules Have Environmental Groups Worried
National Journal
The Obama administration is set to unveil major new regulations on hydraulic fracturing, the controversial method of extracting oil and gas, possibly as soon as Tuesday.

Airbus to Work With Air Canada to Study Renewable Jet Fuel
Airbus SAS, Air Canada (AC/A) and BioFuelNet Canada agreed to work together to study clean jet fuel with the aim of eventually supplying the Canadian carrier as the aviation industry seeks to cut emissions in half.

Viewpoints: Bid to halt fracking in state builds momentum
Sacramento Bee
The risks are sinking in. For months, discussions about fracking in California have focused mostly on public disclosure. Should people living near fracked oil and gas wells, for example, be notified about this controversial procedure, which involves blasting huge volumes of water mixed with toxic chemicals underground?
**RKB — Contributor is Kassie Siegel, director of the Center for Biological Diversity’s Climate Law Institute, which is based in San Francisco.

Global shale revolution threatens Gulf petrochemicals expansion
Financial Times
Middle East energy producers have long bet on petrochemicals as a way to diversify their economies away from reliance on oil and gas revenue.


Reliance Power Solar-Thermal Plant Stalled by Water Delay
A Reliance Power Ltd. (RPWR) solar-thermal plant should start up next month after missing a May deadline because Indian authorities failed to lay a water pipeline to the site in time, Chief Executive Officer Jayaram P. Chalasani said.

The solar paradox: boom, bust or both?
Planned European levies on Chinese solar panels will only go some way to halt a rout among equipment makers who face the paradox of a booming market but falling revenues – and could suffer even more if a trade war erupts.


Water Utilities to Spend $2 Billion on Smart Meters Through 2020
U.S. water utilities will spend $2 billion on smart meters in infrastructure upgrades this year through 2020, almost matching all previous investment in the leak-finding devices, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Beijing to Speed Up Building Reclaimed Water Plants, Xinhua Says
Beijing will accelerate the construction of sewage treatment and reclaimed water facilties, the official Xinhua News Agency reported yesterday.

Why Federal Efforts to Ensure Clean Tap Water Fail to Reach Faucets Nationwide
The New York Times
Laura Garcia was halfway through the breakfast dishes when the spigot went dry. The small white tank beneath the sink that purified her undrinkable water had run out. Still, as annoying as that was, it was an improvement over the days before Ms. Garcia got her water filter, when she had to do her dishes using water from five-gallon containers she bought at a local store.


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