In this edition, costly impact from current EU carbon markets as “U.K. to Pay $172 Million to Compensate for Carbon Price,” Bloomberg reports. Elsewhere, “Goldman Sachs Eyes Japan Renewable Energy Investments”.

Quote of the Day:

“There are Republicans in Congress who know better, but they are afraid of crossing what is becoming the orthodoxy.”

–Former Republican Congressman from South Carolina Bob Inglis in NPR’s “Hot In My Backyard,” talking about Republicans in Congress who believe in man-made, global warming science but will not vote for any legislation on the issue.


Lead Stories

Hot In My Backyard
NPR – This American Life
After years of being stuck, the national conversation on climate change finally started to shift — just a little — last year, the hottest year on record in the U.S., with Hurricane Sandy flooding the New York subway, drought devastating Midwest farms, and California and Colorado on fire. Lots of people were wondering if global warming had finally arrived, here at home. This week, stories about this new reality.
**JK – I tuned into a good part of this over the weekend. The segment, (Act Two) called “Right Man For The Job” on the former Republican Congressman Bob Inglis was particularly interesting.
***Also, please note the ACCO event, today, May 21st, which addresses climate investment. This show highlights Bill McKibben’s divestment campaign in Act Three of the show.

“If people aren’t pissed off, it ain’t working”: A chat with green billionaire Tom Steyer
Tom Steyer spent years as a wildly successful hedge fund manager, a vigorous philanthropist, and a sought-after funder of Democratic politicians, but most of that activity took place beneath the public radar.

Taking Stock of Climate Change Efforts: As European Carbon Market Falters, CA Expands Cap and Trade to Canada
Environmental Leader blog
Unlike many environmental problems, which can be addressed at a local or regional scale, climate change is inherently global in nature: greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions from any source join with historic and contemporary GHG emissions from other sources globally to contribute to the total store of GHGs in the atmosphere. The global nature of the issue is a key reason why, from the onset of climate change efforts, policymakers and environmentalists have attempted to address GHG emissions at an international scale.

U.S. and European Union Set to Negotiate Settlements in Chinese Solar Panel Cases
The New York Times
The Obama administration and the European Union have decided to negotiate settlements with China in the world’s largest anti-dumping and anti-subsidy trade cases involving China’s roughly $30 billion a year in solar panel shipments to the West, officials and trade advisers in Beijing, Brussels and Washington said.

China says it will not accept EU measures on emissions
Zee News India
Beijing: China said it will not accept any “unilateral and compulsory market measures” announced by the European Union threatening Chinese carriers with fines for non-compliance with its Emissions Trading System (ETS).

Moniz era to begin at Energy Department
The Hill’s E2 Wire
Ernest Moniz will be sworn in as the next Energy Secretary on Tuesday, and a day later will go on-the-record publicly for the first time in his new role.


World Environmental & Water Resources Congress
Cincinnati, Ohio
May 19-23

Tackling Climate Related Risks in Endowment & Pension Fund Portfolios
Association of Climate Change Officers
May 21, 2013 – 11:30am – 1:30pm EST – Free Webinar

Waste Conversion Congress East Coast
Boston, Massachusetts
June 17-18

2013 Rising Seas Summit
Association of Climate Change Officers
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
June 18-20

New York Energy Week
New York, NY
June 24 -28


U.K. to Pay $172 Million to Compensate for Carbon Price
The U.K. government laid out rules for steelmakers and ceramics companies to claim as much as 113 million pounds ($172 million) in compensation for the extra power costs caused by the European carbon market.

RPT COLUMN-Carbon capture faces scale dilemma: Gerard Wynn
European policymakers face a difficult decision on building carbon capture and storage (CCS) – saving money in the long run requires spending more upfront.

Natural Gas/Coal/Alternative Fuels

Chesapeake Taps Anadarko Executive Lawler as CEO
The Wall Street Journal
Chesapeake Energy Corp. CHK +2.61% has plucked a 46-year-old executive from a rival oil-and-gas company to succeed its co-founder, Aubrey McClendon, as chief executive of the nation’s second-largest natural-gas producer.


Qatar Creates $1 Billion Foreign Water and Power Investment Arm
Qatar created a $1 billion investment arm to add foreign power and water assets to stakes it already has in businesses from Barclays Plc (BARC) to Harrods department store.

Ecopower Seeks Permits for $250 Million Chile Wind-Energy Plant
Ecopower SAC, a Chilean renewable-energy developer, filed for permits to develop a $250 million wind farm in the country’s Los Lagos region.

SunEdison Seeks IFC Funding for Solar Plant in Chile
EMC Electronic Materials Inc. (WFR)’s SunEdison LLC unit is seeking funding from the World Bank’s private-sector financing arm to build a 50-megawatt solar plant in Chile that plans to sell power at commercial rates.

Goldman Sachs Eyes Japan Renewable Energy Investments
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) plans to invest as much as 50 billion yen ($487 million) in renewable energy projects in Japan in the next five years, tapping demand for electricity produced from solar and wind-power generators.


Extreme Weather and Climate Change in the American Mind April 2013 (Posted May 1, 2013)
Yale Project on Climate Change

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