In this edition, coverage of California’s latest carbon auction and Thomson Reuters Point Carbon analysis on that sale in the Carbon section. Elsewhere, EU Urges Energy Market as U.S. Shale Gas Widens Price Gap, Bloomberg reports.

Quote of the Day:

“This makes it all the more important to have a well-functioning carbon market and a predictable climate and energy policy framework post-2020 which is conducive to mobilizing private capital and to bringing down costs for energy investment.”

–Quote from EU statement covered in Bloomberg’s “EU Urges Energy Market as U.S. Shale Gas Widens Price Gap”

Lead Stories

Airlines May Delay Emissions Measure for Extra Year: ICAO
Airline industry agreement on a standard measure of aircraft greenhouse-gas emissions may be delayed at least a year for more research, according to the International Civil Aviation Organization.

China to cap carbon emissions by 2016
China will apply a cap on its greenhouse gas emissions by 2016, according to local media. The National Development and Reform Council (NDRC) has sent a proposal to the State Council for approval that would place a limit on the world’s biggest emitter. It is expected to be supportive of the plan.
The new regime in Beijing has backed climate and environmental action in the country calling for the development of an “ecological civilisation”, offering hope for the new UN climate deal. Tomas Wyns is director of the Center for Clean Air Policy-Europe (CCAP) and has recently consulted on the development of carbon markets in China. “The NDRC is growing a little impatient with how the regional schemes are progressing so they have started designing components of the national scheme such as emissions registries, measuring, reporting and verification,” he told RTCC.

California carbon permits sell for record high price
Climate Spectator
California’s largest greenhouse gas-emitting businesses paid $14 per metric tonne (1.1 tonnes) for the right to release carbon this year, a record-high price that narrowly beat market expectations, the state said on Tuesday.
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Opinion: Global inaction shows that the climate sceptics have already won
Humanity has decided to yawn and let the real and present dangers of climate change mount. That was the argument I made in last week’s column. Nothing in the responses to it undermined that conclusion. If anything, they reinforced it. Judged by the world’s inaction, climate sceptics have won. That makes their sense of grievance more remarkable. For the rest of us, the question that remains is whether anything can still be done and, if so, what?

EU Urges Energy Market as U.S. Shale Gas Widens Price Gap
European Union leaders urged faster integration of the bloc’s power and natural-gas markets to lower energy prices as the U.S. shale-gas revolution widens the EU’s cost gap with its largest trading partner.

EU Panel Penalties to Hurt Solar Firms From China to U.K.
The European Union is poised to penalize imports of Chinese solar products, a move that would increase Europe’s cost for most photovoltaic panels an estimated 45 percent overnight.

Analysis: Oil saving win-win drives Saudi solar power boom
A slide in solar power costs and a surge in oil prices over the last few years has made solar power a win-win strategy for Saudi Arabia: saving billions of dollars of crude for export while making electricity at less than half the cost.


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Demand remains high at third California carbon auction
Thomson Reuters Point Carbon
Yesterday, California regulators announced the results of the third auction of California carbon allowances (CCAs) held on May 16.

Market participants bought all available vintage 2013 (V13) allowances for a price of $14.00/t, up three percent from the clearing price at the last auction, and in line with previous estimates from Thomson Reuters Point Carbon, the leading provider of market intelligence, news, analysis, forecasting and advisory services for the energy and environmental markets.“The clearing price at last week’s auction shows that market players are taking market fundamentals more seriously when generating bids at auction, compared to when allowances cleared at the price floor in the first auction last November”, commented Olga Chistyakova, senior analyst at Thomson Reuters Point Carbon.

Demand for V13 allowances remained strong, but fell slightly from the previous auction – the ratio of bids to available allowances dipped from 2.47 in February to 1.78 last week – but the picture remains positive. “The bullish subscription rate and price results display an absence of short term fears of various outstanding lawsuits against the cap-and-trade program. The results demonstrate that market players are confident the program will go forward, and that CARB would be able to defend it against the lawsuits”, said Chistyakova.

Demand for V16 allowances nearly doubled since the previous auction in February, “showing increased market confidence in the program’s longevity” according to Ashley Lawson, senior analyst at Thomson Reuters Point Carbon. Financial buyers showed much stronger interest in vintage 2016 allowances, buying 13 percent or just over 1 Mt of the future auction volume, compared to the previous auction where they did not buy any future allowances.
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Xenophon will save carbon trading
Climate Spectator
Recent Nielsen polling analysis suggests the Coalition might be able to gain control of the Senate in conjunction with two conservative leaning politicians – one being John Madigan and the other possibly a member of the Katter Australia Party. If this were to transpire the carbon price would be dead as a dodo.

Credits grow on future farms
Stock Journal
POLITICAL instability may have caused uncertainties but carbon farming is still set to play a big part in agricultural enterprises, according to Australian Carbon Traders managing director Ben Keough.

Facts On Ground Contradict BC Auditor General
Ecosystem Marketplace
The Kootenay Land District – or “the Kootenays”, as people there call it – is the heavily-forested southeastern part of British Columbia. More than 90% of it is government-owned, and on this land, logging is kept to a minimum.

Natural Gas/Coal

Fracking Role for Environmental Defense Fund Splits Green Groups
A coalition of 67 grassroots groups criticized the Environmental Defense Fund for its ties to natural gas drillers in setting voluntary standards for hydraulic fracturing, a process opposed by many green advocates.

Italy’s Eni chips away at monolithic French gas market
Every day about 500 French consumers sign up with Italian gas vendor Eni as it chips away at the near-total domination of the French gas market by GDF Suez.


Energy transition in the Eifel: 1 MW Conergy solar plant supplies industrial estate
Conergy and partner Renew HGmbH expand their collaboration with citizens’ solar park
Press Release
Conergy and its long-time partner Renew HGmbH are supporting the local energy transition in the German Eifel with a solar power plant with a capacity of around 1 megawatt. The investor of the solar park is the local energy cooperative MEHR Energie eG. Its members, now numbering more than 100, have made it their aim to promote the supply of electricity from renewable energy sources in their region of Mosel-Eifel-Hunsrück, and they are now laying the foundations with this first major solar project in Ulmen. On an area of some 6 acres, equivalent to three soccer fields, the citizens’ solar park (Bürgersolarpark) will be generating around 845,000 kilowatt hours of clean electricity every year. This is sufficient energy for supplying around 240 households and therefore nearly a quarter of Ulmen’s residents.
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Brazil Plans to Auction 6,900 Megawatts of Wind-Farm Power Lines
Brazil will auction by December contracts to build power lines connecting as much as 6,900 megawatts of planned wind farms in an effort to ensure the turbines will be able to send electricity to the grid once they’re installed.

Polish renewables: Investors await legislation details to see which way the wind blows
Growth in Poland’s booming wind energy industry is expected to slow this year, as developers hold off on investment decisions because of uncertainty over a proposed green law.


Kroger to power distribution center with spoiled food
Kroger has come up with a solution that will put a dent in the food waste generated by the supermarket chain — it will turn it into biogas energy that powers a distribution center.


U.S. Grants $21 Million for Water-Saving Projects
The U.S. awarded $20.8 million in grants for projects in 11 states to reduce water use, including new pipe systems in Northern California and rebates to Las Vegas homeowners who give up their grass lawns.


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