In this edition, more buzz out of the U.S. suggesting that the best Kyoto rewrite will come with ditching a multilateral agreement in favor of country plans. Australia is bristling over European market impact on its carbon tax and market policies. And, from The New York Times, A Call for Quid Pro Quo on Keystone Pipeline Approval.

Quote of the Day:

“This is a moment when we should be moving away from European policy-making rather than linking ourselves with it – no wonder our budget’s a mess, and no wonder the carbon revenues are guessable.”

–Australian Opposition Leader Tony Abbot in AAP’s “Govt is ‘holding budget hostage to Europe’”


Lead Stories

New emissions plan could energise global climate talks, says US envoy
The Guardian
The United States‘ proposal to let countries draft their own emissions reduction plans rather than working toward a common target can unlock languishing UN climate negotiations, the US climate change envoy said on Tuesday.
**RKB — Stern speaks out on individual country policy over Kyoto re-do–billed as anything to break the stalemate ahead of 2015 meetings.

Govt is ‘holding budget hostage to Europe’
The federal government is holding Australian policy hostage to European decisions when it should be looking toward Asia, the coalition says.
**RKB — additional coverage in Carbon section

EU leaders to square the circle of cheap energy
EU leaders will grapple with controversial issues including shale gas development and climate change mitigation at an energy summit on 22 May, documents obtained by EurActiv show.

UPDATE 1-First RIN futures trade completed on ICE
The IntercontinentalExchange on Tuesday saw the first trade for renewable identification number (RIN) futures since the contracts’ listing last Monday, according to a spokeswoman.

A Call for Quid Pro Quo on Keystone Pipeline Approval
The New York Times
President Obama’s first major environmental decision of his second term could be to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, profoundly disappointing environmental advocates who have made the project a symbolic test of the president’s seriousness on climate change.

The Emerging Interlocking Climate Solution
Ecosystem Marketplace
Global climate talks have been stalled for years, but regional efforts are moving forward – often in tandem with each other. Here’s a look at some of the programs that are emerging – and merging – around the world.

Indonesia: it’s not easy being green
Financial Times
As a major emitter of greenhouse gasses from deforestation and the caretaker of a large chunk of the world’s remaining tropical forest, Indonesia finds itself at the top of the United Nations’ climate change agenda.
**RKB — Barking up the wrong tree? The government is trying to draw up a single national map that all ministries, local government officials and other stakeholders can use to identify protected forests, reduce disputes and ensure more sustainable land use. However, the process has got bogged down. “There is one map but many different people want to fill it in,” said Hassan, the forestry head.

Can Nutrient Trading Shrink The Gulf Of Mexico’s Dead Zone?
Ecosystem Marketplace
The Gulf of Mexico has the largest dead zone in the United States and the second-largest in the world. Dead zones form when excessive amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous wash into waterways and spur algal blooms, depleting the water of oxygen and killing fish, shrimp, and other marine life. The Gulf of Mexico dead zone can range between an astounding 3,000 and 8,000 square miles. At its largest, it’s about the size of Massachusetts.

Do green businesses really want corporate dinosaurs acting in their name?
James Murray – Business Green blog
BusinessEurope’s increasingly blatant lobbying against ambitious action on climate change cannot be allowed to pass unchallenged

INCR propose listing standards for stock exchanges
For years, sustainable investors and other advocates for corporate responsibility have been hammering away at companies, emphasizing the necessity of producing sustainability reports. Not only do sustainability reports account for environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors, increasingly, analyses are finding that corporate reporting on measures addressing sustainability helps yield long-term financial benefits as well.


Navigating Our Water Future: A Course for Industry
Ecolab Chairman Doug Baker
May 16

World Environmental & Water Resources Congress
Cincinnati, Ohio
May 19-23

2013 Rising Seas Summit
Association of Climate Change Officers
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
June 18-20

New York Energy Week
New York, NY
June 24 -28


Carbon Rout Roiling Australia as Polluters Win: Energy Markets
The unprecedented collapse in European carbon prices is shattering Australia’s budget assumptions just as corporate resistance to the market weakens in the developed world’s biggest per capita polluter.

Britain Proposes Incentives for Low-Carbon Investment
The U.K. government outlined plans to encourage 110 billion pounds ($170 billion) of investment in the electricity sector needed to replace aging power stations and upgrade the power grid by 2020.

Natural Gas/Coal/Alternative Fuels

Shale Boom a Bust for Europe’s Gas Plants
The Wall Street Journal
The ripples of the North American shale boom continue to spread, as a growing number of European utilities are forced to mothball modern gas-fired power plants that can’t compete with growing imports of cheap coal dislodged from the U.S.

GranBio to Get $150 Million BNDES Loan for Brazil Ethanol Plant
Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Economico & Social, Brazil’s development bank, will loan a division of GranBio Investimentos SA 300.3 million reais ($149.6 million) to build the world’s second plant that produces ethanol from crop waste.


India May Defer Fines on $1 Billion Solar Thermal Plants
India plans to defer fines for solar- thermal power developers that failed to complete $1 billion of plants in time as it seeks to spur investment in the industry.

COLUMN-Morocco is paying too much for solar power: Wynn
Morocco is set to pay more for its solar power than far richer countries such as Germany and should switch tack to cheaper solar technologies that can compete better with wind, oil and coal.

Editorial: Call a truce in the no-winners solar war
Financial Times
Europe is on the brink of a trade war with China in one of the fastest-growing global industries. America and China are already engaged in battle. The job-rich and emissions-low solar photovoltaics industry is heading for severe impairment, at best.

Queen’s Speech promises renewed push to drive green investment
Business Green
The coalition has today underlined its commitment to delivering action on climate change and accelerating investment in new low carbon energy and infrastructure projects, after the Queen’s Speech confirmed plans to bring forward new bills to support spending on energy, water, and rail projects.


How GE and a leading utility are changing the smart-grid game
It’s no small feat to fully revamp an electrical operating system as large as Florida Power and Light, whose presence stretches long across the Sunshine State.


KKR to Goldman Breach Water Deal Dam in U.S.: Commodities
Brandon Freiman was sizing up water investments for KKR & Co. (KKR)’s $4.6 billion infrastructure fund in 2011 when he came across a debt-burdened New Jersey city that Tony Soprano skirts by to open the Time Warner Inc. HBO series.

KKR Acquires Central England Water Group From Alinda Capital
KKR & Co. (KKR) acquired South Staffordshire Plc, a central England water supplier, from Alinda Capital Partners LLC, the Greenwich, Connecticut-based infrastructure fund manager said today. Terms weren’t disclosed.

Germans Water Consumption Remains at a Two-Decade Low
German water consumption in 2012 remained at its lowest in more than two decades for a third year, the BDEW utility lobby said.


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