It’s time for some strategic thinking.

Trading Technologies has announced the hiring of its first ever chief financial officer, Michael Kraines.

Kraines has been in the fintech business for more than 25 years. Though he knows technology, his background is “really very externally facing,” he said in an interview with JLN. His forte is putting people and companies together, and he hopes to add more partnerships, joint ventures and alliances to TT.

“I’m a strategy guy and have a background looking at competitive positioning within the fintech sector. Over the months ahead, my goal is to look at the business and develop a perspective in terms of where TT could go next, and where TT would want to go next,” Kraines said.

But he is also excited about the company’s technology, namely its new platform, which the firm moved into the cloud as a SaaS offering.

“The view here is that this platform is really the wave of the future,” Kraines said. “It will enable tremendous benefits in scale and cost for our clients.”

The new browser-based platform has been in operation for about three years, and was the brainchild of Rick Lane, Trading Technologies’ CEO. It is more accessible and flexible than the company’s other platform, X-Trader, which the company has used for about 20 years.  

Kraines, who was only on his fifth day at TT yesterday, said that as the strategy and business development person at TT he thinks “there are many areas where the company could and should be more active.”  

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we expanded into different asset classes over time, and added some very interesting new features and new functionalities as well,” he added.

Kraines advised Trading Technologies on strategy for several years as an investment banker with Sandler O’Neill & Partners before joining the company himself. In that relationship he learned that Lane and his team “are the real deal.”

“A lot of fintech companies say they are technology companies, and some of them are, but most of them really aren’t. These guys really are,” Kraines said. “This is a place where most of the people walking around are coding and designing system architecture and developing real technology. And certainly not a lot of fintech companies have a CEO who actually knows how to code.”

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