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Black History Month is about teaching ourselves fully and fairly about our history, and not just looking at it from one point of view. Black History Month 2020. Year: Black History Month U.S. and Canada Black History Month United Kingdom : 2017: February: October: 2018: February: October: 2019: February: October: 2020: February The Black Gifted Network. The movie came out that February, and th… Advice to help you if you're upset about racism. At Network Rail, we're highlighting the importance of diversity and encouraging employees to … In the U.S., it is also known also as African-American History Month, but in Canada and the United Kingdom, […] October is Black History Month in the UK, an event that has been celebrated nationwide for more than 30 years. To enjoy the CBBC Newsround website at its best you will need to have JavaScript turned on. So here we are again, Black History Month (BHM) it’s the first time in 43 years that I have not been an employee of the NHS. View Details. October is Black History Month, and to mark the occasion The Poetry Society has identified a selection of its latest content that celebrates Black culture, from its programme of educational activities, commissions and its journal The Poetry Review. Many people take the time to do research into their backgrounds or find out more about black people who have made a difference to the UK. Nobody should have to go to work and face bullying or harassment. Please join the Law Society of Ontario and Canadian Association of Black Lawyers (CABL) for our annual Black History Month program and networking reception … £20. The online workshops are running across six consecutive Tuesdays from the 13th October to the 17th November (12:00–13:15). For many years, the second week of … . Posted on October 2, 2020 by Karin, Hampshire Libraries October is Black History Month, an awareness month and a nationwide celebration of black history, arts and culture throughout Britain. Many people say that it's important to remember the forgotten people who have helped to shape the UK. This is the story of Olive Morris. Chief Executive of Touchstone, Alison Lowe commented, “Black History Month 2020 is more important this year than it has ever been. It is a good time to research and read about important people and moments throughout history. Joe Biden's dog is getting an 'indoguration'! February is Black History Month (BHM)—a time when the U.S. reflects on all the contributions Black Americans have made throughout the country’s history. "In years gone by, October has been the only time of year when the UK talks about the achievements of Black people in Britain," says Catherine Ross guest editor of Black History Month 2020. ", The black men who made history in Britain, Growing Up Black In America - a Newsround report. This week we’re focusing on hidden British history and its relevance to us today. She also wrote: "Black History Month 2020 is a time for people to come together and hopefully learn lessons for the present and the future. The enormously successful movie painted a white supremacist vision of the American past, and inspired aresurgence of the Ku Klux Klan. Fri, 16 Apr 9:00 am Gaming Virtual Expo 2021 #Business #Game. We hosted an online event on the 14th October — Black History Month 2020, a … "Hopefully, the events of 2020 will be a catalyst for Black history to be shared much more widely - in museums, galleries, schools, universities, public spaces and communities. Building racial equality into the future of engineering. Follow this organiser to stay informed on future events. The 2020 theme for Black History Month is: "Canadians of African Descent: Going forward, guided by the past." It’s also a chance to collectively learn from our experiences, allowing us to remove barriers and enrich each other’s lives. The month was originally founded to recognise the contributions that people of African and Caribbean backgrounds have made to the UK over many generations. If there is a topic you’d love the Accord Equality Diversity & Inclusion group to cover in a future event do let us know. We have presented history as Swiss cheese for years, with huge gaping holes, BHM is an attempt to fill some of those holes. Black History Month in the classroom You can help us shape our future, both internally and with the employers we work with. Black History Month 2020 is a time to look forward and celebrate the here and now – and the future possibilities. "2020 has held a mirror up to the world and forced many to see the reality of racism," says Catherine Ross. This year we mark Black History Month (October) with a renewed sense of urgency to ensure we make effective strides for racial equality. Event creator. International Day for the Abolition of the Slave Trade: What does this mean? We hosted an online event on the 14th October — Black History Month 2020, a conversation with Roger McKenzie. Black History Month 2020 Exhibition - Online Web Event. For this year’s Black History Month we have invited the next generation of creatives, thinkers and cultural leaders to reflect on the sitters in our Collection. Le mois de l'histoire des Noirs (anglais : Black History Month) est une commémoration annuelle de l'histoire de la diaspora africaine. Black History Month is a holiday which is celebrated every February in the U.S. And Canada and in October in the U.K. It’s an important month for remembering important people, events and achievements of African diaspora. This is my report of his key messages. View Details. What does the phrase 'Black Lives Matter' mean? This is the year of George Floyd, Covid-19 and the realisation that the UK is still a deeply unequal society; even more so if you are Black. Events you might like: US$0 - US$30. This is the story of Ruby Bridges. L'expansion de la semaine de l'histoire des Noirs est d'abord proposée par le leader des Black United Students de la Kent State University en février 1969. Those who believed that Black History Month was limited to educational institutions questioned whether it was appropriate to confine the celebration of Black history to one month, as opposed to integration of black history into the mainstream education the rest of the year. Read about our approach to external linking. Black history in Canada. Black History month is a time to reflect but also to celebrate achievements of often forgotten or hidden Black figures who we owe so much to. What Accord’s doing throughout October Accord has long held the values of dignity and equality. In 2021, the TUC Black Workers’ Conference is being held on the 19th — 21st of March. Another concern was that contrary to the original inspiration for Black History Month, which was a desire to redress the manner in which American schools failed to r… Black History Month, which is celebrated each year during February, is a chance for Americans to learn details of our nation’s history that, unfortunately, are far too often neglected and pushed to the wayside. It’s a place where diversity is celebrated, and all contributions are welcomed and cherished without prejudice or judgement. 21st October 2020 — An evening with Jeffrey Boakye, guidance for reps and members on tackling antisemitism, Tennis player Naomi Osaka speaks English, so she can’t possibly be Japanese, The Violent Defense of White Male Supremacy, The Cult of Whiteness: On Donald Trump, #OscarsSoWhite and the End of America. Black History Month 2020 October is Black History Month – a time of national celebration to honour the achievements and contributions of black people in Britain. You’ll find many more interesting events on the Black History Month website. George Floyd: Why are there huge protests in the US and around the world? Celebrated every October in the UK for more than 30 years, Black History Month is an annual celebration and commemoration of the history, achievements, and contributions of black people in the UK. And although we’ve all known for some time that racism has been alive and well, this year we’ve seen some of the most appalling events in memory right at the moment that we should all be uniting together to keep ourselves safe from the pandemic. In 1987, Akyaaba Addai-Sebo, a Special Projects Officer at the Greater London Council developed the concept for the first official Black History event. A group of African musicians at the Portuguese court in a panel from the Saint Auta Altarpiece, 1522 Black History Month in the UK is in its 33rd year and is celebrated and recognised across the country in … The TUC Northern working with Show Racism the Red Card have developed an anti-racism programme which is open to members, union reps and activists. La première célébration du mois de l'histoire des Noirs a ainsi lieu à l'uni… Why are people talking about Breonna Taylor? We’ll use this to build plans to work with employers to stamp out discrimination — token words or training alone will not address these imbalances. Accord can submit one motion to this conference, and we’d ask anyone interested in attending to let us know. Throughout history black people have always been present in the UK but there has been a lack of representation in the history books. Carter G. Woodson knew about history. It lasted for more than 400 years. Look closer. Share this event . I recently attended an event by David Olusoga (OBE) a black British-Nigerian historian, award-winning writer, broadcaster, presenter, and filmmaker. "It is this contribution of black British people that I am proud to be celebrating Black History Month this October," he said. I’d definitely highlight the online lecture hosted by York St Johns University on the 21st October 2020 — An evening with Jeffrey Boakye, which promises a challenging and insightful dialogue surrounding issues of racism and social justice. The Accord Equality Diversity & Inclusion group’s aim is to ensure every individual has the right to an equal opportunity to maximise their potential, regardless of background, and to be treated with dignity and respect. Welcome to Black History Month 2020! The TUC have also launched some guidance for reps and members on tackling antisemitism which is well worth a look. How will Black History Month be celebrated? October is Black History Month in the UK, an annual celebration of black history and this year Islington Council is running a full programme of events, find out more here. Black History Month 2020. We initially planned a series of events this year as part of our ‘21 Years of Activism’ programme of events marking the 21st anniversary since the official opening of the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah RACE Centre – these had to be cancelled or postponed, and will now be hosted online as part of the 1945 PAC 75th Citywide commemoration and Black History Month 2020 events. When first established, Black History Month resulted in some controversy. So he could see that history was being distorted — especially, in 1915, by The Birth of a Nation. In the UK, Black Lives Matter demonstrations have called for an end to systemic racism, where people aren't treated fairly because they are black. Teaching and Learning Activities. You can help us shape our future, both internally and with the employers we work with. How to celebrate Black History Month. In paintings of Henry the Eighth you can see black people in the background. Black History Month. Now, Black History Month has expanded to include the history of not just African and Caribbean people but black people in general. Black History Month first began as a way to remember important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. October is Black History Month in the UK, an event that has been celebrated nationwide for more than 30 years. You can catch the replay below. However, Black History Month 2020 can be a time for schools and college communities to come together and to learn lessons from the past for the present and the future. Black History Month 2020. George Floyd, a black man who died while being stopped by police in America. This week our theme is courage; a single act of courage can make a huge difference. Roger is an Assistant General Secretary at Unison (the largest union in the UK). We’ll treat everything in the strictest of confidence. It’s an opportunity for us to: Dig deeper. As the saying goes, black history is American history — and it’s a varied and rich history. Because Black history is British history. The cherry picking of history, the focus on only the palatable aspects of history, means that we are all poorer – poorer in thought and knowledge. The Maths of Migration. For our final profile of the month we’re talking British politics. Black people have been in Britain for a lot longer than previously thought - One of the oldest skeletons ever found was that of the Cheddar Man who had dark skin. All events are free, but you will need to register your place and you will be sent a Zoom link so you can join in. Think bigger. Leave a reply. The group will be holding further events throughout the remainder of 2020 across a broad spectrum of topics. This year has seen demonstrations in Britain and around the world in response to the death of George Floyd, a black man who died while being stopped by police in America. Facts for Features: National African-American (Black) History Month: February 2020. January 22, 2020. As well as applauding achievements and success over the decades, the month also provides a vital reflection on the challenges that remain. This week we’re focusing on hidden history, and the man that influenced our modern world. Virtual Tour. This year, Accord’s Equality Diversity & Inclusion group have several biographies of people that we think you should know more about, along with how they’ve influenced and shaped us. Black History Month is a time to look back in history to see what others have done to get us to where we are today but also to reflect and celebrate those that have struggled for us. Recommended. This is the story of Lewis Howard Latimer. We’ll be in touch again when we’ve got more information about the conference. Many events take place during Black History Month in schools, communities and across all media. We'll be celebrating Black History Month 2020 throughout October. There can be no denying the significant achievements and influences of Black people throughout our collective history. During Black History Month, Canadians celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Black Canadians who, throughout history, have done so much to make Canada the culturally diverse, compassionate and prosperous nation it is today. It also allows me to understand Black culture further so that I can ensure I pass on the achievements, accomplishments, and monumental moments to others, including the younger generations to come. Queen Victoria even had a black goddaughter who's mother was a Nigerian Princess called Omoba, she was given to the queen when her parents died after being captured by slave traders, her name was changed to Sarah Forbes-Bonetta. We’ll post them here each week throughout the month. Black history month was first launched in London in the 1980s, where the aim was for the local community to challenge racism and educate themselves and others about the British history that was not taught in schools. What retirement gives you, in between watching daytime TV, is the time to reflect, to think about your accomplishments as well as the things you wish you’d have done differently. Alayo Akinkugbe, art historian and founder of @ablackhistoryofart, explores key figures from the Gallery’s Collection. Black History Month 2020 Black History Month 2020. That’s what we’ve launched a survey — which will run until the end of October — to hear your experiences at work. Black activism can't be effective if we aren't taught black history 'A tool for systemic change': jazz comes to Channel 4 for Black History Month Published: 22 Oct 2020 The first celebration occurred on Feb. 12, 1926. Il est célébré en février aux États-Unis et au Canada et en octobre au Royaume-Uni. DuBois. Racism in the UK: British kids tell us about their experiences, Black history: The forgotten history of black people in the UK, Some supermarkets are making rules on face masks stricter. "Black History Month 2020 is also a time to look forward and celebrate the here and now – and the future possibilities." In years gone by, October has been the only time of year when the UK talks about the achievements of Black people in Britain. Education is a key theme and is encouraged throughout Black History Month. If you’re interested, why not get involved — email us at We'll be sharing new content here throughout October. Archaeologists, the people who study human history through digging up sites looking at bones and ancient objects, think that he was alive during the stone age.

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