MWE SHORT: Dr. Richard Sandor – The Building Blocks of the Financial Industry

“I think the future is new products; the same way we grew the business before.”

In part two of his presentation, Dr. Richard Sandor, chairman and CEO of Environmental Financial Products LLC, looks back at the creation of financial futures, the process of defining what a commodity was, and the formation of various regulators. Sandor also discusses the importance of educating all members of the financial industry to ensure everyone is up to speed on all the various components that make up the industry.

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MWE SHORT: Ben Van Vliet – The Nature of Competition

MWE SHORT: Ben Van Vliet – The Nature of Competition

“You can’t tell Derrick Rose or LeBron James he’s not allowed to fake out an opponent.”

Ben Van Vliet, Assistant Professor and Associate Director at the Illinois Institute of Technology, discusses the nature of competition in the financial industry and the impact of deception in the markets.

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