MWE SHORT: Gregg Doud – The Concept of Basis

“The beauty of this industry is, I don’t care how much artificial intelligence or how many algorithms you use, you’re still going to have to have somebody that understands where stuff is supplied, where it comes from and where it goes and the trade flows associated with it.”

In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s World of Opportunity event in New York, Gregg Doud, president of the Commodity Markets Council, discussed the concept of basis and how it applies to the financial industry. According to Doud, basis is a fundamentally important concept in the world today. Doud also talked about Dodd-Frank and how it affects the commodity markets.



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MWE SHORT: Ben Van Vliet – The Nature of Competition

MWE SHORT: Ben Van Vliet – The Nature of Competition

“You can’t tell Derrick Rose or LeBron James he’s not allowed to fake out an opponent.”

Ben Van Vliet, Assistant Professor and Associate Director at the Illinois Institute of Technology, discusses the nature of competition in the financial industry and the impact of deception in the markets.

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