MWE SHORT: Joe Guinan – The Cycle of Life

“It shocks me everyday at five o’clock when I see the race to the elevator, as if only the first few will make it out of the building. Just because you have to work till five at the beginning of your career, doesn’t mean you can only work till five.”

In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s World of Opportunity event in Chicago, Joe Guinan, CEO of Advantage Futures, spoke about navigating the ups and downs in the financial industry. Every year, millions join the ranks of those with investable assets and for that reason, Guinan is bullish on starting a career in finance because all of that money needs to be managed. Entering the workforce as a young professional can be tough and Guinan stresses the importance of relentlessly striving to prove yourself over and over. Some people look at graduating from college as the finish line. Guinan says the race just started.



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MWE SHORT: Ben Van Vliet – The Nature of Competition

MWE SHORT: Ben Van Vliet – The Nature of Competition

“You can’t tell Derrick Rose or LeBron James he’s not allowed to fake out an opponent.”

Ben Van Vliet, Assistant Professor and Associate Director at the Illinois Institute of Technology, discusses the nature of competition in the financial industry and the impact of deception in the markets.

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