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MWE SHORT: Paul Georgy - Your Future Starts with You | John Lothian News

MWE SHORT: Paul Georgy – Your Future Starts with You

“We were gung-ho we were going to be commodity brokers. When one of the speakers walked into the room he said within one year, half of you are no longer going to be in business. Within two years, there will only be five of you left in business. And within five years, there’s only going to be one of you left in the business. I’m the survivor and pretty happy about it.”

In this video from MarketsWiki Education’s World of Opportunity event in Chicago, Paul Georgy, CEO of Allendale, breaks down what it takes to be successful in the futures business through the lens of his career. Georgy started out in the purebred cattle industry, but it went belly up after interest rates went higher and tax laws changed. After a few years of struggling as a commodity broker, Georgy and a friend started their own introducing broker business. It gave him the opportunity to grow as well as be creative — two keys to prosperity in today’s futures markets.



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