MW shorts are shorter cuts from the best videos in the World of Opportunity series. 


Kapil Rathi

Start Your Career with Confidence

Paul McCormick

Finding your First Next Financial Job

Lisa Dunsky

Hit By a Brick: How Setbacks Shape Your Career

Lee Hodgkinson

Lessons from the 4-Minute Mile

Julie Winkler

Innovation in the Futures Industry

Terry Duffy

My Road and the Industry Challenge

Simon Puleston Jones

In Pursuit of Happiness

Mead Welles

How a Hedge Fund Guy Saves Kids One Limb at a Time

Tom Sosnoff

Change The Game

Sandra Ro

The Rise of Bitcoin and Blockchain

Rolf Andersson

Attention to Detail

Johan Toll

Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Blockchain but were Afraid to Ask

Evelin Kaup

Is FinTech a Threat to Banks?

Veronic Augustsson

From Sports to Business in an International Arena

Julie Armstrong

The Power of the People

David Kelbaugh

How to Build a Successful Brand

Gary Barnett

Considerations in Decision-Making

Jim Hourihane

Careers in Compliance

Pat Kenny

Trust and Transitions

Julie Lerner

Global Trading Markets, Disruptive Tech and Entrepreneurship

Terry Savage

Five Steps to Creating Wealth

Leslie Sutphen

How I Discovered My WILD Side

Paul Georgy

Your Future Starts with You

Michael Patak

The Game of Trading

Rich Mackey

From Golfing to Trading: Decision-Making is Key

Richard Sandor

The Building Blocks of the Financial Industry

JJ Kinahan

Seeking Opportunity Everywhere in the Market

Tom Sexton

Grasp Your Opportunities

Joe Gits

What Opportunities Does Unstructured Data Present?

David Krein

Career Planning in Today’s Financial Industry

Donnie Roberts

Don’t Short Yourself

Duncan Niederauer

Everyone Can’t Be the Best

Larry Tabb

The State of Today’s Markets

Peter Fredriksson

Stockholm: The Origin and Global Leader of Transaction Technology

Brian Cassin

Rebranding in Three Easy Steps

Gregg Doud

The Concept of Basis

Kristin Boggiano

It’s a Jungle Out There

Kevin Wolf

Market Structure Change Presents Commercial Opportunity

Steve Hamilton

Demystifying the Current Trading Environment

Rumi Morales

Investing in the Future of Fintech

Peter Nabicht

The Implied Job Descriptions in Finance

Tayloe Draughon

Futures Industry AI and Machine Learning

Walt Lukken

The New Normal and the Five Tips

Adena Friedman

Exchanges, Driver and Beneficiaries of Change

Anthony Pereira

A Technical Ride Through Two Market Crashes

Bill Harts

Modern Markets Initiative: How a Small Group of Traders Improved Markets for All

Bill Looney

The Champions’ Mindset

Cathy Lyall

30 Years of Change

Steve Woodyatt

Blurring the Buy and Sell Sides

Karen Wuertz

Opportunity Behind Many Doors

Gary DeWaal

Regulation, Compliance and the Grandma Test

Justin Schack

Making Modern Market Structure

Drew Shields

Next-Generation Product Development

Joe Guinan

The Cycle of Life

Morgan Slade

Quant Trading and Superpowers

Anna Irrera

The Birth of Fintech

Donna Heidkamp

Strive for Self Improvement

Elaine Wah

Problems, Solutions and Results

Jay Feuerstein

Breaking Down Managed Futures

JB Mackenzie

Building a Foundation

Chip Dempsey

Breaking Down Cryptocurrencies

Richard Rosenblatt

Choose an Industry with a Future

Julie Armstrong

It’s All About the Reach

Boris Ilyevsky

Growing Up with Options

Chris Ferreri

Market Structure, Regulations and Tying it All Together

Clive Furness

Commodities’ Oddities

Charlotte Crosswell

Startups Aren’t Just Found in Garages

Hugh Vyvyan

Transitions: Lessons on a career change

Dave Johnson

Past, Present and Futures

Carlos Saez

Illustrating Trading System Design and Planning for Failure

Dr. Richard Sandor

The Building Blocks of the Financial Industry

Ben Van Vliet

The Nature of Competition

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