New Non-Price Oriented Risks to Manage: Covid and Cancer

John Lothian

John Lothian

Executive Chairman and CEO

This newsletter is all about managing non-price oriented risks. I used to have a lot of trading related risks when I was an online futures broker and actively managing money as a Commodity Trading Advisor. Today I have different kinds of non-price oriented risks to manage, ones that would fall into our Wellness Exchange section: COVID-19 and cancer. 

I tested positive for the virus on Friday and in December learned I have prostate cancer.

The COVID-19 case is mild as I am double vaxxed and boosted. The prostate cancer is localized and small, but aggressive. I began treatment on Saturday for the cancer diagnosis. 

I share this in the name of transparency, a value I have always promoted here in JLN and tried to walk that walk. I share this also in the name of prevention, that awareness of my case might prompt some men to go to their doctors and get tested. Or it might prompt some women to encourage their men to get regularly tested. Staying vigilant on this issue is important. Research shows that most men, if they live long enough, will get prostate cancer.

My course of treatment will include radiation and hormone therapy. There will be no surgery for John this time, so I will have to keep my punch card for a free surgery at home. 

I am told the side effects to worry about are fatigue, muscle loss and some other things I can’t discuss here. I hope to be done with treatments before the FIA’s Boca Conference and be able to attend, but I am not sure yet. I don’t have my full treatment schedule yet.

I feel blessed to have caught this early. I believe my decision to get the electronic stimulator in my back to manage my back pain played a big part. Getting the psychological exam for the stimulator resulted in a book recommendation for “The Obesity Code.” That book inspired me to look at weight loss in a completely different way. 

A discussion in the book about one of the causes of cortisol production, a lack of sleep, prompted me to get more aggressive on this issue. Being proactive about this helped me catch it early.

I have managed many risks successfully before. I had been doing well avoiding COVID-19 until a week ago. This cancer risk is different. This one is going to take everything I have to beat it. I am confident I can, but I realize my life, as always, is in God’s hands.

I learned a long time ago to live each day fully as tomorrow is not guaranteed. It is truer today than it has ever been. 

I am going to continue to live fully, work smart and write this newsletter with the same irreverent commentary. I am going to continue to operate John Lothian News and do all I can to do as much good as I can. I am going to do my best, just like a Scout(er) does.

I also have a much greater appreciation for all these mustachioed and bearded men in November and their fundraising. Men’s health indeed!

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